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SUBU FULL TIME OFFICERS ELECTIONS 2017- #Electoral Fraud#Discrimination#Unfairness.

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Racism and unfairness has submerged in our Union, during the elections I have not been well treated by the Elections Committee which sat up a meeting to investigate allegations towards me, even it was clearly written down in the By-Laws (Elections' rules) that investigations must be performed on the basis of evidence, which is a compulsory condition that the Committee did not meet. "Evidence is essential as Elections Committee, led by the CRO, cannot make decisions based on hearsay. Complaints submitted via any other medium other than in writing to will not be acknowledged."

Several complaints have been issued about the co-campaigning between a candidate who run for VP Welfare and another one who run for VP Community, this testament was made by students I approached them on the University Campus and Dylan's Bar. Besides this, another complaint was submitted formally and within the legal time to the CRO about breaking the rule relating to the number of people who are allowed to be a part of the campaign team, no decision has been taken against such acts that jeopardise the well-functioning of the campaign.

Another complaint was made against some SUBU's Staffs who were verbally harassing me, taking into consideration the formal process pertaining to the complaint procedure, I have acknowledged the Elections Committee about that hatred matter, the meeting which was supposed to take place related to that issue was cancelled without pointing out any further reason why such meeting was not set up on as it was agreed !!.

The most unacceptable thing has never occurred, was being disqualified without being warned or even informed about such procedure that took place after the elections have been closed.

The flexibility was noticed with some candidates who had the absolute right to break the rules by campaigning in specific areas -for instance: night clubs- who are supposed to not proceed to do so. Worst of all, they have been allowed to do so by getting the whole consent of the CRO and Elections Committee.

#Electoral Fraud:

According to the By-Laws “COMPLAINTS AND RECOUNTS 5.1. A Candidate (or their agent) may request that a re-count be made; the CRO shall have the final decision on this matter. 5.2. If a candidate is dissatisfied with the conduct of the election after the close of voting, the CRO shall determine how to proceed. 5.3. Candidates (or their appointed agents) may be present at the count; however, they may not have any communication with any person outside the count room prior to the results being announced by the CRO.”

On the basis of what is written down above, I have submitted an official request asking to proceed to do the recount, the reply of my request was not delivered immediately.

Have been contacted by the CRO through the social media (Facebook). Using such tool of communication to contact students about serious issues it only demonstrates the unprofessionalism of the Elections Committee and the CRO in particular. The process (vote recount) which was intended to be performed at SUBU's premises along with the CRO did not take place, I was asked to go with SUBU's Manager to certain (Jason) who is in charge of SUBU's IT and voting system. This latter categorically refused to allow me to recount my votes even though it is clearly mentioned in the By-Laws that I have the right to do so, the unprofessionalism is also seen when I have been informed by a Responsible that the By-Laws was not updated yet !.

Finally, I would request that the board of trustee to take part of this issue by investigating about all the points mentioned above and allowing me to recount my votes according to the point mentioned in the By-Laws.

Please kindly sign this petition to tackle hatred discriminatory decisions.

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