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Styrofoam is dangerous for the OCEAN, support Surfing Clean Water

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This petition asks supports of Surfing Clean Water to stop using styrofoam ice chests, they are not biodegradeable and cause major harm to the environment. They are often left behind at the beach, which then eventually end up in the ocean. We ask you, the merchant to stop using Styrofoam(polystyrene) hot drink cups, food containers, packing material, and most important of all, styrofoam ice-chests. Here are just a few of the reasons why styrofoam ice-chests pollute the ocean: 1. Toxic chemicals leach out of these products into the food that they contain. These chemicals threaten human health and reproductive systems. 2. These products are made with petroleum, a non-sustainable, heavily polluting and disappearing commodity. 3. The product does not biodegrade. It crumbles into fragments that have no expiration date. 3. A certain percentage of product will be dumped in the environment, persisting on land indefinitely as litter and breaking up into pieces that choke and clog animal digestive systems in waterways. 4. The product takes up more space in landfills than does paper and eventually will re-enter the environment when landfills are breached by water or mechanical forces. 5. Foam recycling is a public relations stunt, promoted by the chemical industries that manufacture it. This is done in highly centralized, distant facilities using complex chemical processes and expends far more energy than is ever saved by recycling the material. Until you stop using/distributing/selling styrofoam products, we will spread the word throughout our community and stop giving you our business. Thank you, Surfing Clean Water activists


Surfing Clean Water is dedicted to transforming the way individuals view the ocean and its current state.


Wonderful site about consumerism: The Myth of recyclability: Dangerous health risks: Styrofoam Alternatives: National Starch Eco-Foam Ocean Activists
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