Students for WV Teachers and State Employees

Kyle Krueger
Kyle Krueger 41 Comments
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This petition is a peaceful protest by the students of WV for the betterment of treatment of West Virginia teachers. Under new legislation, a proposed cut of teachers’ healthcare followed by a five-year one percent increase per year pay raise will be issued. Currently, Governor Jim Justice has suspended the action for the next year, until an effective solution can be reached.

However, many are unsatisfied with this plan, because if the Public Employees Insurance Agency (PEIA) policy remains unchanged, teachers’ insurance costs will rise exponentially. Many teachers, especially young teachers, already work an extra job to make ends meet. How are the teachers supposed to pay for this, when they are receiving a pay raise that will not even cover this additional expense? Why is it so hard for teachers to get basic benefits that they deserve, like health insurance?

By signing this petition, you are showing your support for the men and women throughout West Virginia who sedulously educate the future generations. We, the students of West Virginia, need teachers every day, but today, teachers need us. We hope to show the West Virginia legislature and PEIA that the students of WV appreciate the teachers and will not standby, while their livelihoods are stripped clean.



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