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Bring Back the REAL Dependency Override!

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Dependency Override: A way that students can go to school and apply for financial aid without having to claim their parents income. Previously: In order to get a dependency override you had to PROVE that you supported yourself and your parents provided you with NO financial help. Which is TONS of paper work. Now: The government has destroyed the override by making it to where you have to have a child, be married, be an orphan, or basically legally prove that your parents have disowned you! What is the use of having this when the Government has already stated the guidelines for independent status as the SAME EXACT THING! Arguement: What about the MILLIONS of young adults who live on there own supporting themselves who get no incentive to go to school from the government We either have to be pregnant or married Our federal government is promoting young pregnancy and marriage by singling out young adults between the ages of 18 and 23 by not offering a dependency override option to them. I am 22 years old, and live on my own, my parent DO NOT help me pay for school, and I pay my own bills. I do not have children, and am not married. But I am STILL considered dependent upon my parents income! I have not been able to get financial aid like grants EVER! I have lived out on my own since 18 years of age. Those of you who want to help this cause out, please sign the petition, once I reach 10,000 signatures I intend on sending this to everyone I can in the Department of Education! This is not only for myself, but for every student who is in a situation similar to mine, that a dependency override would benefit! I realize that there are a lot of parents and kids out there that take advantage of the system by putting their bills in their kids names, etc., but there IS a way to keep them from doing that! Please bring back the dependency override!!! The government says that they want \"no child left behind\", well what about the millions of young adults that they are SCREWING OUT OF THEIR EDUCATION!


My name is Brittany C. of Kentucky and I started this petition after I was informed that my parents had to be deceased, I had to have a child, I had to be married, or I had to be an \"adult orphan\" to get a dependency override to be considered independent of my parents! What is this world coming to... Other families dealing with this: Names have been abbrev. for privacy! \"Ok Brit, I gladly signed your petition. M is 25 and still has to claim our income if she wants to go to Dental School.\" -Sarah

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