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Students Against Unfair Bathroom Policy

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The students of NMHS are being unfairly subjected to bathroom policies that negatively affect our learning. This is all because, according to the administration, there were students who were uncomfortable with vaping in the bathrooms. This petition is for students against the new policy. I believe that instead of punishing every student in the school for the actions of a few students vaping in the bathrooms, the students who smoke in the bathrooms should be directly punished. Punishing students who are truly doing the best they can to adhere to the rules is extremely unfair and damaging.

I have already seen a teacher run out into the hallways to yell at a student who forgot to sign out. The teacher yelled in the middle of the hallway for a solid 5 minutes, which absolutely disrupts the learning of other students. Although this example is only one case of disruption, the entire policy itself is a disruption for every single student, as the bathrooms are closed during the transition from class to class AND the top floor bathrooms are completely closed during lunch. As someone who has a class on the 3rd floor at this time, it is EXTREMELY disruptive and time consuming to walk to the bathroom on the first floor from the third. Not only this, but we are being timed, which is why the analogy, "You have to walk to the bathrooms in the mall, so why not here?" is absurd.

The students of NMHS will not allow our learning to be disrupted by an administration who refuses to directly address a problem. Fellow students, if you believe this policy is unfair, disruptive to your learning, and frankly annoying, then please sign this petition. As soon as this petitions reaches a reasonable amount of signatures, it will be sent to administration and the board of ed. Thank you for reading.

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