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Strip Russia of the 2018 FIFA World Cup

8 Signatures Goal: 1,000,000

Given Russia's efforts to destabilize Ukraine by encouraging separatist rebels in eastern Ukraine through the provision of arms and Russian military personnel;

Given that these efforts resulted in the shooting down of Malaysian Airlines flight MH17 over eastern Ukraine and the deaths of all 298 people on board;

The Fédération Internationale de Football Association (FIFA) should remove Russia as host of the 2018;

and the Fédération Internationale de l'Automobile (FIA) cancel the Formula One auto race scheduled for Sochi, Russia in October 2014.



July 27
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  • 10 months ago
    David Mclennan United Kingdom
    10 months ago
  • 2 years ago
    Regina Genovese
    2 years ago
  • 3 years ago
    Tlm Jch
    3 years ago
  • 3 years ago
    Vazgen Davidyants
    3 years ago
  • 3 years ago
    Michael Reshko
    3 years ago
  • 3 years ago
    Aaron Gooyers
    3 years ago
  • 3 years ago
    Karl Hanson Canada
    3 years ago

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