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YSATC should remove all server & combat regulation

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The YSATC Corp. of YSFlight are slowly turning into corporation with a governmental-like control over the YS community; some even consider it to be turning into a YS UN rather than being a YSATC. YS is a program made for fun and games, just like any other online game and this is being ruined and restricted by the YSATC Corp. The reason for this is because of the YSATC regulated servers. They have a strict system against rule breakers, some of which may be people that don't understand everything about what they're doing, people that haven't read YSATC's rules but have read normal server rules or sometimes even members of squadrons assassinating a prime asset in a war and other activities. The regulations on their servers are very strict, with no warning bans, and their organisation has even hit big servers like the old phenomenon server. They have recently tried to promote their rather strict system in a YSP topic about servers, which has angered some long time YS veterans. Another thing about YSATC servers are the combat regulated servers and the combat regulated systems. The ideology, organisation and regulation of combat and combat squadrons should be left untouched and should have absolutely nothing to do with what is seen as a civillian organisation. This means there should be YSATC rules over combat, and these rules should be how the squadrons see them rather than an organisation ran by a man with absolutely YS no combat experience. Futhermore, the server rules regarding squadrons are also controversial, as they involve shooting civillian aircraft down if they enter "military airspace", and since whole non-YSATC military servers are regarded as military airspace, this may mean that the military squadron may be restricted to a small amount of airspace on their very own server. Military ATC is also involved in the military server rules, which may be annoying to a lot of pilots since the real focus of a YS squadron is more about the fighting than about the airspace, and with squadron leaders directing who lands first to last (which is very rare anyway, since it is usually unnessesary) during an exercise, there is no need for ATC on a militaristic server. Therefore, this is a petition against YSATC to remove their server rules off YSATC servers and let the server admins implicate their own rules, to remove all military and combat involvement from their organisation, and to go back to a world of just simple and civilised Air Traffic Control and airline regulation as its name more sensefully suggests.

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