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Last Chance to Give Peace a Chance

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STOP WWIII, STOP BUSH\'S BLITZKRIEG AND BLOODBATH IN IRAQ. \"PRE-EMPTIVE STRIKE\" THE MOTHER OF ALL WAR CRIMES, SAID NUREMBERG TRIBUNAL March 20, 2003 In view of the commencement of U.S. Air Force bombardment upon the defenceless heads of the people of Iraq, we call on the U.N. General Assembly to immediately convoke a special emergency meeting to outlaw and censure this onslaught, to push for a ceasefire, and to negotiate peacekeeping measures. Furthermore, we persist in our original petition, dated March 18, 2003: Seeing that all efforts to petition the U.S., U.K. and U.N. to preserve the peace in Iraq are exhausted, and In order to preserve a free, peaceful and multipolar world from the path of destruction, to create a space for conflict resolution in place of confrontation, and, To warn against a great calamity, as a ruthless militarist cabal stands poised to seize the energy resources of the entire planet; We the undersigned - call on the European powers, especially the governments of France, Germany and the Russian Federation, in coordination with the government of Iraq, to provide for their contingent of peacekeeping troops to depart for Iraq within hours, take steps to secure its borders and airspace against attack, and provide protection for the U.N. inspectors there to continue to carry out their duty; and not to fall asleep in the jaws of the trap, - call on the aforementioned powers and all member nations of the U.N., to take the earliest opportunity to ratify this peacekeeping action in the U.N. General Assembly, under the auspices of UN Resolution 377, Uniting for Peace, which was expressly conceived to prevent aggression by any permanent member of the Security Council: precisely the crisis now facing the world community, - noting, notwithstanding, that Europe and Iraq, acting out of enlightened self-interest as free nations, have a greater right and potential to uphold world peace and welfare without waiting on the vested interests of the U.S., U.K. or U.N.; - call on the United Nations membership to implement the provisions of UN Resolution 1325, Women, Peace, and Security; to engage womankind in the process to pacify warring mankind, and to protect women and children, the victims who are hit hardest by the scourge of war, - call once more on the US-UK governments to observe the principles of UN Resolution 290: \"To settle international disputes by peaceful means and to co-operate in supporting United Nations efforts to resolve outstanding problems.\" - call the US-UK leaders to mind of the consequences, for themselves and for their countrymen, both civilian and military, of defying the precedent set by by the Nuremberg War Crimes Tribunal, which found for the death penalty with this verdict: “To initiate a war of aggression is the supreme international crime, differing only from other war crimes in that it contains within itself the accumulated evil of the whole.”


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Links contains a set of sharp tools for lobbying the UN General Assembly, British Parliament, heads of state and world media against Bush\'s war, and links to information about Uniting for Peace. Visit now for a list of e-mail addresses where you may send your own comments and copy of the petition. is a discussion group on the new totalitarian world order, its shredding of the US Constitution, the Nazi history of the Bush dynasty, the threat to world stability posed by Zionism, and the rush to Armageddon by its ignorant supporters, the 9/11 frame-up, and related topics. is a resource for activism against the war and for a 9/11 investigation. References on the fantastic fascist threat we face: and
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