Eliminate Streetcars that stop two lanes of traffic, risk to pedestrians

stop the streetcar
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Toronto needs to re-think use of streetcars throughout much of the City. They stop two lanes of traffic making them an inefficient, unsafe means to provide public transit. Not only do they significantly impact on the flow of traffic where they travel in undedicated lanes, but also, importantly, there is serious risk to the safety of transit users having to cross a lane of traffic to get to the vehicle. Further, the rails require continual replacement, adding costs to public transit that electric buses simply wouldn't. Yes, electric buses can use existing streetcar power lines. In a big city it is almost unthinkable that there has been no debate, no opportunity for taxpayers to have a voice in this. How many millions are going into the purchase of a new fleet because of the shortsightedness of the elected Council & Mayor, all who failed to properly study and consult on how to improve Toronto's traffic and rush hour woes. STOP THE FLEET, STOP THE STREETCAR. Toronto, Ontario, Canada





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