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Stop the gassing of the Fayette County Dogs

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Right now, the County Dog Pound uses a homemade gassing box to euthanize dogs. There is carbon monoxide tanks that sit outside of the gas box. When they euthanize the dogs, they turn the CO tank on which then pumps CO into the small cinder block building. The door, which looks like a regular door such as a closet door, is opened, then dogs are places inside to breathe the CO gas until death.


The Dog Pound should be using "Euthanasia by Injection" (EBI) to euthanize dogs with, if needed. This is the same procedure most Dog Shelters use as well as Veterinarians. Now back to the gas box the Dog Pound is using, Once the cinder block building is filled with CO and the door is opened to place dogs inside, Wouldn't that let the majority of the gas out? and then when the dogs are inside and the door is shut, wouldn't the building then have to refill with gas while the dogs are inside?


Why is this happening? Both dog wardens are certified to use EBI. Fayette County, Ohio Commissioners, Tony Anderson, Bob Peterson and Jack DeWeese approved a $220.00 per person Euthanasia by Injection (EBI) course that was taught in Dayton, Ohio. What is EBI? Euthanasia by Injection (EBI) is a method allowing the dog warden to fill a syringe full of solution and inject that solution into the animal and allow the animal to die without suffering. Both dog wardens, Savannah Poole and Bobby Bushey attended and both passed the course. The total was $440.00 for both employees and it included two days of lectures and hands-on training; lunch on both days; a notebook containing an outline of the course, charts, illustrations, recommendations, and graphs; plus a certificate of completion.


The certificates are dated September 3-4, 2009, and months later, the County is still using the "homemade" gas chamber to kill dogs.





Did you know: One female dog and her offspring can produce 67,000 dogs in six (6) years.


Did you know: Fayette County spends on average, $200 a month to kill dogs with CO. They could spend a lot less and get the same results. The volume of FATAL-PLUS required for euthanasia by injection is 1 ml. of solution per 10 lbs of body weight of the animal. A bottle of FATAL-PLUS 250ml can be purchased for $60.00 and kill the same amount of dogs each month as the CO.


Did you know: Fayette County Commissioners, approved a $220.00 per person Euthanasia by Injection course that was taught in Dayton, Ohio. Both dog wardens passed the course in Sept. 2009. Why isn't the training being used?


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