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International Student Fee

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Dear Fellow International Students: Please allow me to introduce myself to you. My name is Indrit Vucaj, an international student from Albania, studying International Business at OBU. Recently, OBU administration has imposed a $75 fee on all international students that attend OBU. The reasons according to the administration are in regards of paying for mailing address of I-20 Form, taking students back and fourth to OKC's airport, social security trips, and yearly tax filing. Some of the above reasons do NOT include the majority of the international students at OBU. As following is a breakdown of the reason. Mailing cost of I-20 Form to international students happens only once in 4 years and it is very likely to start out with Intensive English Program (IEP) students; therefore, that would not be applicable to all of the international students. Cost to mail that form our will definitely not excuse such fee imposed. As many of you know, the majority of international students return back home at least once a year. OBU offers trips to the airport only once a semester and it is not reasonable to charge such fee for such reason since almost all of the international students have separate flights at different dates and times. Therefore, to international students this would be an unnecessary charge since most of them have found rides to and from the airport through friends and host families. It has been told as well that the charge includes the social security trips for students that do not have social security numbers. That is a one time trip and still does not satisfy the payment of roughly 100 international students at OBU. Yearly tax filing was another reason that the fee was imposed since people are filling out taxes online. International students are aware that always a community accountant has voluntarily offered his/her help to help international students in filing yearly taxes paid to the U.S and state government. OBU has paid for the software that is being used by international students for tax returns and this OBU payment for such software still does not satisfy $75 amount for each international student at OBU. Roughly estimates are as following: 100 * $75 = $7,500 per semester $7,500 * 2 semester = $15,000 per year As you may see from a simple math, OBU will benefit about $15,000 per year if all international students pay the $75 fee. Many students at OBU agree upon the fact that OBU does not spend such money for international students. It has come to my attention that such fee is unnecessary to be paid; therefore, I request your cooperation by signing this petition if you agree that OBU should remove such fee for international students. After more than the half of international students have signed the petition, the petition will be send to International Student Admissions Office with representative Whitney Ritchie. Thank you for your attention and your help is quickly needed since the new semester will be starting in late January. Respectfully, Indrit Vucaj

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