Stop the City Wall. It's not too late!

Peter Grenney
Peter Grenney 51 Comments
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Sign the petition to demand improvements to the Aspen New City Offices design.

  1. Height - 47' building is too tall
  2. Affordable Housing - 100% of the required mitigation should be built as new units
  3. Sustainability - a Net Zero Carbon building should be achieved
  4. Pedestrian Access - a stronger connection from downtown to the riverfront is needed
  5. Parking - should be mitigated through additional parking and garage improvements
  6. Mobility - next generation mobility should be incorporated into the overall project
  7. Vitality - a mix of uses should be included to ensure the vitality of Galena Plaza
  8. Arts & Culture - per the Civic Master Plan, Arts & Culture facilities should be featured
  9. Civic Master Plan - the project should meet all Civic Master Plan criteria
  10. We Can Do Better - the New City Offices building should set the standard for development in Aspen in terms of design, sustainability, mitigation, vitality, and community benefit. As the largest city building ever to be developed, it's a once in a generation opportunity to create an iconic civic building and a vibrant plaza that successfully connects the downtown and the riverfront.



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