Stop the Welsh Badger Cull!

Lisa Patterson
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This year, the Welsh government made the announcement that a limited cull of Badgers would commence next year in order to tackle the immense problem of Bovine Tuberculosis (Cow TB) here in the UK. They stated that it would be a 'science-based cull'. There is only one problem with that: there is no scientific evidence that substantiates the argument that a cull would be effective. In fact, all the evidence shows that a reactive cull like what is being proposed (a cull whereby the badgers in an infected area are killed) will make the problem worse. Proponents of the cull often use the Krebbs report to substantiate their claims. The Krebbs report demonstrated that in a proactive cull (a cull whereby the animal, sick or not, is shot on site) only has a miniscule effect in reducing the occurrence of TB outbreaks in cows, and in fact lead to an increase in new infections outside the culling area, and again, in areas whereby there is already a TB outbreak, reactive culling actually made the problem worse. To see information on the report, please click here: Please help stop this barbarism now - it will not help the farmers, or the cattle in any way.




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