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Hollywood, Stop Shaking The Camera

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Attn. Hollywood, We know you are seeking to make your Films and Television projects look as realistic as possible however, We, the Viewers of Your Art, would like to be able to actually see your work without the project looking as if it were a fictitious War Corespondent, somehow jammed between two rival factions, filming it. Shaking the Camera occasionally may seem to add a flare for the dramatic moment, but Shaking it continually, through the entire program/film, isn't artistic, entertaining, or realistic. It's Nauseating! Some of us Viewers, actually work in the Film Business, and find that the Camera Shaking shows a lack of Talent behind the Lens. If we wanted to see shaky footage we can go to Youtube and watch people with tiny hand held cameras show us their family BBQ, for free. All of us know that there are some very expensive equipment, designed over the decades, that will allow you to get a clean smooth shot of whatever scene you may be shooting. Dollies, Jibs, Cranes, Tripods/Sticks, Steadycams, Glidecams, Wirecams, ect. You all get the idea. So, Please start USING these expensive Tools again. If you can't make a Movie Artistically, without shaking the camera, then please, either don't make it at all, or hand the Budget to someone with Actual Talent, to do it for you! And while we are at it, When you create a Fight Scene, we'd like to see THE FIGHT SCENE! Back up a little bit and Stop doing the extreme closeups. We all enjoy a good Action Scene. Being to close to it Ruins the scene for us! To reiterate; 1. Stop Shaking The Camera! 2. Use Real Talent behind the Lens! 3. Back up or use a wider lens during Fight or Action Scenes! Thank you, Signed, The People who Buy the Tickets

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