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Ban Quixtar, help save innocent people and their families

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I never knew much about the company Quixtar until one day my boyfriend told me about how was joining some really good business, which would allow him to become a millionare within a few years. I pondered this thought for a moment, but it just seemed too good to be true. A couple months after he joined, I noticed a definite change in his behavior, granted not a good one. I could tell that soom all he was interested in was Quixtar and that was all that mattered to him. Soon, he told me that he was going to a \"funtion\" in South Carolina. He was paying about $200 to go to a bunch of \"important business meetings there\"...that was when I got a little suspicious....he was PAYING to go I thought this was something he HAD to be at. Things just didn\'t make sense, so I decided to look up some information on Quixtar. I typed it in a search engine and I was shocked when items such as DANGEROUS CULTS, and MLM SURVIVORS showed up. Then it was clear, after researching deeply about Quixtar, I knew my boyfriend was in something bad. It got even worse when he told me that at the functions he attended a religious service was held, in which A QUIXTAR REPRESENTATIVE held the service. He said things that upset me very much when I heard about it. He said that \"God told him Quixtar was a good business, and God told him that he wants everyone to join Quixtar\"....and so on. After months of my boyfriend being involved in Quixtar, I finally met some of his \"uplines\". They were phonies just as a suspected. They even tried to get ME to join. Luckily, I am smarter than that. I have listened to the cd\'s and tapes that you \"really need to buy to succeed in Quixtar\". They are the MOST AWFUL things I have ever heard in my life. If that is not brainwashing I do not know what is. They are discrimatory and insulting. The problem with Quixtar is that they do not make it easy to leave. They brainwash people so badly that people are too weak to leave, even after they spend their very last cent on Quixtar. I know that I am not the only one who feels this way. This is why I am creating this petition. When I look at all the people that this \"business\" has hurt, and all the families that have been torn apart by Quixtar, I realize that some sort of action has to be taken. If a company has that bad of a reputation that they are actually recognized as a cult by many people, and have to defend themselves daily there is something wrong. On Quixtar\'s IBO information page it should not have to be explaining why \"Quixtar is not a cult\". That is pretty bad. The problem is they don\'t get to decide if they are a cult. However, if their behavior and the way they conduct themselves DOES resemble a cult, there should be no question that that company should no longer be legal. A good trustworthy company should not have that problem. If Quixtar didn\'t have anything to worry about or hide, they wouldn\'t bother defending themselves. Also, they wouldn\'t tell their \"downlines\" not to watch tv, listen to people who say bad things about Quixtar, and lie about their success through Quixtar. Quixtar needs to be investigated again...this time it needs to be shut down. UPDATE: I just thought that I would update everyone since I haven\'t for a while. My boyfriend has not been affiliated with Quixtar for over a year now and our relationship is back to normal. After resisting my advice for quite some time, he finally figured it out for himself (unfortunetely after losing a significant amount of money). He now realizes the deception in this \"business\" and is considering starting a website to help people trying to find the strength to leave Quixtar or talk about their experiences. I will keep you updated. Please check out the new and very informative links I have just added! NOTE: Please don\'t sign this petition if you are in Quixtar just trying to argue with me in your comments. I know how Quixtar works, and soon you will too. This petition is to STOP if you sign your name and leave a comment that reflects otherwise, it will obviously be deleted. Also, your name will remain and be added to the petition to STOP Quixtar. And lastly thank you to everyone else who has been supportive and signed this petition so far! I really feel that we can make a difference by creating an awareness about this multi level scam that has affected many people.


If you need more information about the other side of Quixtar, please visit my website:


Since many people are asking for more facts and concrete evidence I would like to direct you to some other sites that may be helpful. This is a link to a story that actually aired on television not too long ago. A news reporter from NBC Dateline went undercover on a year long investigation with Quixtar. This is a video eveyone should watch: This Website actually provides actual documents from Quixtar cases and the people involved. There is also other helpful information about Quixtar that I have not been able to include in this petition:
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