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Stopping Child Labor in Vietnam

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Dear UNICEF, child labor is a known problem in Vietnam and is being used to make goods in the US. A well-known company that uses child labor in sweatshops in Vietnam is Nike. Due to current events and BLM protests, this issue is going unnoticed because Nike supports the movement. This is causing people to buy more Nike products in support of the company. We need to get the word out about how they still use sweatshops that have 1.75 million children under the age of 18, working up to 42 hours a week. This problem needs to be adequately addressed.

More people should care about this issue because the kids are not getting a proper education or childhood. Children are taken from their homes and forced to work very late into the night with no pay. When a mistake is made, they are beaten with a stick and made to correct it. ( Children are also being trafficked to other parts of Vietnam to work away from their families and only focus on work. They only make as much as 14 cents per hour, and that won't do them any good because they can't live on it and don't get enough education to become a well-rounded adult.

Not to mention that calling out Nike will bring attention to other large companies that also use sweatshops in Vietnam. Some of these include Zara, H&M, Adidas, and GAP. All these companies are taking part in controversial things happening in the United States, making people think that they are a good company when taking place in something that is more globally known. You stand for helping children in need and making these issues even more known would help the cause.

We propose that we do this by starting a movement to boycott Nike and other companies that use sweatshops. If people stop buying from them, it will be detrimental for their business, especially during a worldwide pandemic, and they will have to change their ways. Currently, social media is the most popular way to spread news. So, posting on Facebook will reach out to older generations of consumers and posting on Instagram will spread word to younger people who will grow to help more with global problems. Also, making a YouTube video with multiple ads will raise funds that can go towards helping children in Vietnam.

In conclusion, children in Vietnam are suffering more than most people could possibly imagine and they need our help. They are too young to be able to figure out a solution their self, and those who try to escape are punished brutally and sent back to work. Please use your blessing of technology to sign this petition to save the children of Vietnam. They need your help to protects them from large companies, such as Nike, that are taking advantage of working them with hardly any pay.

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