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Stop Paternity Fraud in Delaware!

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To: Our Delaware Legislators and US Congress STOP PATERNITY FRAUD IN DELAWARE PETITION We the people, recognize the injustice of PATERNITY FRAUD against men and their families as extortion, involuntary servitude and peonage against their constitutional right to enjoy their own assets, property and pursuit of happiness. The current statistics from national sources indicate that 300,000 men/year are being tested for paternity and confirmed as INNOCENT. These men did not cause the woman's pregnancy and should not be forced to be financially raped nor held responsible for the acts of the child's mother and the biological father. Paternity Fraud is defined as requiring that a non-paternal man be forced to surrender assets, property, cash to pay child support for another man's child AGAINST HIS WILL (hence, involuntary servitude or simply "SLAVERY"). In all cases involving child support and divorce there shall be mandatory DNA paternity testing to determine biological father by preponderance of evidence similar to the laws in Alaska. The model example of legislation (Maryland / Ohio) will include that men can challenge paternity with the same time limits that women can pursue child support payment and arrearage. The non-paternal men will be released from all financial obligations upon DNA test results of 0.00% paternity index. We do not want the standard of dishonesty, fraud and other unscrupulous behavior to continue to be used to obtain child support from non-paternal men. The current Title IV financial incentives for establishment of paternity must be revised to include actual paternity as the standard in all cases. There must be automatic restitution upon genetic proof of non-paternity at 0.00% to the paternity fraud victim with lawful enforcement. We believe that mandatory testing and automatic restitution of property, assets and cash will put an end to the shameful practice of "father shopping", where the mom has intimate relations with two or more males then picks one based on his financial shape or attitude about family responsibility. The law provides for the man that impregnates any woman regardless of his marital status, to pay child support to that woman. A reciprocal action in the law must provide that same responsibility and accountability for the woman that is impregnated to name the biological father and all potential fathers for DNA testing under oath, regardless of her marital status. We support the passage of legislation that requires child support from the biological father "only", except in cases of a formal legal adoption where the biological father was notified (in writing via certified mail and published notice); except in cases of artificial insemination where the male has agreed and given written & notarized consent to the procedure which is currently in effect and was signed by the mother and the treating fertility physician. Paternity Fraud is a crime, crime does NOT pay and neither should the victim! Sincerely, The Undersigned (Text of Petition from National, U.S. Citizens Against Paternity Fraud, in cooperation with Delaware Citizens Against Paternity Fraud.)


Delaware Citizens Against Paternity Fraud www.legalimmorality.com www.delawarepaternityfraud.com


National Paternity Fraud Petition http://www.petitiononline.com/pfv1/
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