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Abortion kills millions of children everday. Find the picture of the fetus holding the doctors finger and that might change your mind. Go to YOUTUBE, you can see the fetus scream as its being killed. Babies are prematurely born then they are left to die in a linen closet. Arms and legs being ripped off, the baby is screaming bloody murder.. It's a baby no matter how small. Look into the mirror and think what if your mother did that to you? Partial birth abortion: The fetus is taken out with the head still left inside, then a sharp knife or vacuum is jabbed into the back of its neck and the brains are sucked out. NOT RIGHT. PLEASE I BEG YOU, THERE ARE HUNDREDS OF ADOPTIVE PARENTS WAITING YOUR PRECIOUS GIFT. PLEASE STOP THE MURDER. GET CONGRESS TO END ABORTION.. Dear mommy, I loved you so much. What did I do to make you hate me? I'm in heaven after you killed me.




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