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Help stop the conspiracy of Lion and Lamb!

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Lion and Lamb has officially gone over the edge! They have created a \"dirty dozen\" list know across the nation. This is a post I made on that hopefully let\'s people understand what LionandLamb is truly doing: ***I totally agree. But don\'t get hyper over it guys, If (big if) they take away cool figs from us by corporate overthral, we\'ll kick their ass. They have no right to do so. Millions/billions of people will be mad at them, but since they are just a puny, unethical website that petitions on a cause, they will NEVER be able to stop the \"big guys\". Too many people like what we have. If they really had the balls to stop them, they wouldn\'t hide behind a cheesy website, and they\'d step their ass out of a building and go public. have meetings (which no one would show up too). I have visited their website, poorly done, and checked their active \"Parent Members\". They have a whooping total of 14. No joke. Parents don\'t like to be told how to parent. I sent L&L a nasty e-mail explaineing how many people would be angry with them if they ever took away cool movies/figures. I\'m also (as I post now) putting an iPetitions up asking people to sign and help stop Lion and Lamb from being dumbasses and totally embrarassing themselves. I also told them in my e-mail that, figures like \"The Matrix\", \"TMNT\", \"Power Rangers\" etc. DO HAVE an age rating for proper age use. Most McFarlane toys are 13-15, and PR are like 8-9 (at that age, you can truly know whats right or wrong, and at eight and nine, I watched action and crap, and I don\'t go out and kill people with samurai swords). People like Lion and Lamb are bored morons who just want attention. Either that, or their computer nerds who would like to see some distraught parents follow their lead into some babble about \"child connections\". Really, there is no point in getting worried, because Lion and Lamb won\'t even be able to send ToyBiz an e-mail until they get bigger. They might have another member in seven to nine years. By then, a hacker will probably thrash their website. A deed is done... *** That post may seem childish, and witty, but it\'s true. To further understand what LionandLamb is doing, see this thread on I have support of members on to stop LionandLamb. I also have support of friends and family. As I said in my post above, Lionandlmab are trying to parent parents! Don\'t fall into their trap! They dis TeenageMutantNinjaTurtles action figures for being violent. a-Tis a cartoon, and animated violence shouldn\'t be watched (as stated by the channel rating system) until 8-9 years of age. b-I myself have watched supposed \"violent\" movies like Kill Bill, and The Matrix and I haven\'t gone out and killed people. That\'s why action figures were invented! When a child watches a show, (like Power Rangers), he won\'t act it out and go ad go ninja on people. If the child has an action figure, he will probably play it out. Like the Matrix figures, you can play out the movie using your imagination. That\'s what I did. My parents actually seem to like the fact that I collect figures, it increases imagination and broadens fun when your by yourself for a few hours. Or no friends are around. And, LioandLamb made another fault to their foul play, they said Power Rangers promotes violents. I doesn\'t. The new \"Ninja Storm\" adds for \"Self Defense\", an most episodes add with a happy ending. No blood, no screaming in pain, and all the sword make a sparks on the enemies. I little choreographiy in the martial arts, and that\'s the show! LionandLamb also dissed a great movie (one of my favorites) \"Spider-man\". The man who is impaled on screen by his glider (if you watched it LionandLamb...), is Green Goblin/Norman Osborn. Their was only a trickle of blood, and it was no horrifying/disturbing event. The scenario is a moral too. \"With great power, comes great responsibility\", and sometimes you lose. LionandLamb are trying as hard as they can to change companies movies/toys. A little violence in action figure role playing is not bad, it help the kid express what happened in a non-violent way. LionandLamb is a insect among mountains. I just created this iPetition to make sure that don\'t take away kids fun. LionandLamb needs to get a grip on life, and leave the parenting of children, up to the parents! Another thing I point out is, parents don\'t have to buy the toy LionandLamb! There is a word NO! ANd, on most figures, their is an age limit. ALL TMNT have a 8-9 age range (which is when kids no the difference of fictional violence, and real violence like wars). Figures of \"The Matrix\" (which I love), are more for my crowd. Teenagers. As stated on the box 13+. As for the movies, same deal. You don\'t have to see the movie. And video games, you don\'t have to buy the video games. LionandLamb is trying to be high and mighty with their lists and comments, but they are really just pulling these ideas out of their ass. Help put a stop to them, let\'s show LionandLamb what the power of people who like to have a life can do! Also, LionandLamb has no idea just how many people will get quite angry at them for this charade if they pull it off (which is doubtfull to happen).

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