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Second Life Users against the actions of Justice League Unlimited (please include your SL avatar name or you will be deleted)

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The group "Justice League Unlimited" (JLU) within Second Life have been shown to be harvesting data of many Second Life users without consent. This data includes, but is not limited to IP addresses, e-mail addresses, real and fake chat logs, non-confirmed accusations, real life identities, employment information, school information, medical information, obituary references and more. This data tracking has lead to real life harassment and likely violates cyber laws in various states and countries.
There are multiple accounts of in-world stalking. Some of which have allegedly been perpetrated with a hacked viewer to override the privacy controls. JLU has allegedly utilized intimidation, "alt" accounts for the purpose of gathering information against targeted information, submitting fake chat logs in Abuse Reports, among other things. JLU members have also abused the "AR" system via "AR Parties" where multiple members would be tp'd in to Abuse Report a targeted Second Life User to get a quick ban. They have also been shown trying to solicit the assistance of Linden Lab staff to silence criticism against them. Members of JLU have stated they are working in conjunction with law enforcement agencies, such as Scotland Yard, without providing proof.  It also is arguable that they are guilty of the misappropriate use of DC Comic copyrighted and trademarked materials. 
Furthermore, they have allegedly utilized a scripted security device with alt recognition and appear to have some form of IP tracking involved being utilized, perhaps in conjunction with the SL group "**Police Department**" security trackers. Screen shots, database table rips and a list of over 5,800 Second Life users have been obtained from the illegal JLU Wiki page.
The signers of this petition ask that Linden Lab immediately investigate and, if warranted, take formal action against Justice League Unlimited, **Police Department** and the members implicated in the multiple leaks from their illegal wiki page for their potential ToS violations, and take steps to have the data collected by JLU and **Police Department** be deleted and made permanently unavailable. Sincerely, Second Life users


Petition started on the behalf of Second Life users affected by and concerned about the actions of Justice League Unlimited (JLU) Please leave your preferred Second Life Avatar name on this petition. If you registered without a last name, please put "Resident" for the last name. Anonymous signatures will be deleted. Thanks

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