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We demand a public inquiry into the process the led Jason Kenney and his staff to select the new regulator ICCRC.

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We demand a public inquiry into the process the led Jason Kenney and his staff to select the new regulator ICCRC. Stop the Canadian Conservative Party Biased and Conflicted non transparent selection process bid to regulate immigration consultants that cost Canadian tax payers extra $3.6 million to be given behind closed doors to group friends named (ICCRC) approved by Minister Jason Kenney and his conflicted staff Mark Davidson, Les Linklater and Sandra Harder Take advantage of the comments period and send email to CIC in disapprove of the Gazette announcement before the deadline of Apr 15. We demand for a public inquiry on how this selection process was made and why the minister staff lied to Senators and to the House of Commons on the process and how the bid was evaluated to choose ICCRC as the winner. We demand that the Minister removes Mark Davidson from this process due to conflict of interest with ICCRC directors. As he orders all comments go to the same person who is in great conflict with CSIP and CSIC which is at and must cite: Canada Gazette Part 1 of March 19, 2011. Mark Davidson acted in bias before, what stopping him from continued to act in biased and not to deliver the public disproval to make sure his selection of ICCRC goes thru. We need your help to stop the proposed amendments are open for public comment for a 30-day period which ends in April 18 2011. The current intention is that the final regulations would be published in the Canada Gazette, Part II, and would come into effect and must be stopped. We must stop This proposed regulatory amendment its is the culmination of a biased process that began in June 2010 when Citizenship and Immigration Canada (CIC) announced its intention to launch a transparent public selection process to identify a body that could be recognized as the regulator of immigration consultants. Four organizations submitted their intent to bid and submitted their proposals prior to December 29 2010. None were chosen due to biased and conflict with Mark Davidson. But a new organization ICCRC was chosen in secret because Minister Jason Kenney staff Les Linklator and Mark Davidson was promised high paid jobs on ICCRC as we were told. CAPIC directors admitted in their journal that “CIC permitted bids from a group that would be incorporated if their bid were successful" ICCRC registered the corporation on February 18, 2011 prior to the announcement of March 19 2011 by the minister in the Gazette. However, Minister Kenney told on March 9, 2011 before the Senate hearing, that he received the expert panel recommendations and yet he will contact the Governor in council with his decision, in which means the Minister lied to the Senate because the ICCRC knew they won the bid prior to February 18 2011. ICCRC interim directors set up a new regulator head office in Burlington, Ontario, set up a new phone lines and made a lease for few years all done before the official announcement in the Gazette. The question troubling most Canadians and in particular members of the industry and consumers how “The Immigration Consultants of Canada Regulatory Council – or ICCRC – has committed to enhancing the protection of the Canadian public and those who use the services of immigration consultants,” according to Minister Kenney when the ICCRC bid was kept hidden from public review. Was there really a proposal or CIC made it up to support their choice of friends to regulate? Minister Kenney assigned one of his Staff Mark Davidson to choose the winner knowingly that he is in great conflict with ICCRC board of directors and against CSIP and CSIC directors, He left CSIC board on a bad term as was not welcomed for his individual orientation by the former CSIC chair John Ryan and he was sued personally by CSIP for approving to sue CSIP and Salloum in January 2006 knowingly a case has no merit to win that caused CSIC to loose millions in legal cost and CSIC withdrew the case in 2009 against CSIC and Salloum. The four new interim directors of the ICCRC are all currently in court due to breach of their code of conduct with CSIC professional Rules and yet, the Minister confidence of his choice, they are the best regulator. Minister Kenney was fully aware that Jeff Hemlin, past president of CAPIC who was found guilty of major fraud in his immigration practice with Chinese prospective Immigration clients was investigated to the full extent and was suspended by the Canadian Society of Immigration Consultants CSIC “; he prepared the proposal bid under “Institute of Chartered Canadian Immigration Practitioners”. That was submitted by the organization so called CAPIC. Yet, CAPIC lied to its 374 members that (TBR) the better new regulator is the new bidder. How this Conservative Minister Jason Kenney is being confident that, with the ICCRC’s strong regulation of immigration consultants, people using CIC immigration processes will be offered quality consultation, representation and advice.” when the person behind the proposal was suspended for fraud and the president and CEO of the ICCRC is in court with the Canadian Society of Immigration Consultants CSIC after being fined 1000 dollars for breach of the code of conduct. The other three directors are still in Federal court battle with CSIC for the same reason. A notice has been published on the website of the Canada Gazette, Part I, proposing to amend the Immigration and Refugee Protection Regulations so that the ICCRC becomes the regulator of immigration consultants. The official Gazette publication was available on March 19, 2011. According to Minister Announcement that "Immigration consultants are currently regulated by the Canadian Society of Immigration Consultants (CSIC). Reports by the Standing Committee on Citizenship and Immigration in 2008 and 2009 pointed to governance issues and a lack of public confidence in CSIC. Based on the Standing Committee’s reports, CIC decided to launch this public process". A selection committee made out of CIC members who had conflict with ICCRC are CIC director Mark Davidson, assistant deputy Minister Les Linklator and Director on policy Sandra Harder who three of them are very close friends with the new four interim directors of ICCRC Phil Mooney, Gerid Damitz, Rhonda William and Chris Dawn, this conflicted committee was established to examine all submissions received following a public process requesting submissions from parties interested in being the regulator of immigration consultants. The committee reported its conclusions to the Minister of Citizenship on January 27 2011, Immigration and Multiculturalism. Based on these biased conclusions, the ICCRC was proposed even they did not submit an intent or a proposal during the process. The Canadian Society of Immigration Practitioners CSIP has submitted its full proposal under the FSCIC the Federal Society of Citizenship and Immigration Council. and it contains everything is required by a regulator to regulate a profession as FSCIC used exactly the Ontario College of physician and surgeon regulation, if this panel disproved of FSCIC submission, then they are disapproving of the College of physician and surgeon regulation that failed to govern one of the most important profession in the world. The ICCRC interim directors at last minute decision, their new idea of using the "Council” was stolen from CSIP submission and registered on February 18, 2011. The strange thing that the public can not accept that the minister stated "In its submission, the ICCRC committed to a variety of activities to foster a culture of transparency and openness and to protect the Canadian public and those using the services of an immigration consultant, while building a strong relationship with its members. " The fact is no member of the CAPIC or ICCRC or the public has seen or review this submission, how this minister calls it a transparent process when the minister is acting the same ICCRC and the CSIC for the past 7 years and it is the public understanding what prompted the minister to call for a bid to chose new regulator. It is also said that "It has also proposed innovative strategies to ensure accountability and transparency to its membership, "How could it be a transparent when the proposal was discussed only with few people behind closed doors and kept hidden from members and the public review or discussion and the whole process was nothing but a sham? We believe strongly the CIC staff has put a proposal and hand it over to ICCRC as what the bid should be to make them a winner. According to Phil Mooney telephone call to two friends on December 15 2010 that he does not have enough information to submit and he wants to work on his submission during Christmas holiday, all of the sudden he has the best proposal. CIC staff, John Warner on February 5th 2011 told Nancy Salloum director of CSIP that the FSCIC submission was an excellent proposal, full in details, covers all criteria, but "The politics plays differently unfortunately ." and Experts in the immigration field including CAPIC and CSIC members who were impressed with FSCIC submission. The Minister did not mention anything about immigration consultants who are not CSIC members because they resigned in 2005 due to CSIC bad management which led to CSIP existence. Minister Kenney denied CSIP existence and its large membership to favor few handfuls of friends of his staff and ICCRC. . We believe that Minister Jason Kenney used this fake bidding selection process to justify his selection before the Canadian voters, which aims to crack down on crooked consultants. We demand a public inquiry into the process the led Jason Kenney and his staff to select the new regulator ICCRC. A Bid to Establish a New Regulatory Body to regulate Immigration Consultants was biased, not transparent In December 2010, four corporations Reference to the above can be found on this link Cover Letter Summary of the Assessment of Submissions Federal Society of Citizenship and Immigration Councils Inc. (FSCIC) Institute of Chartered Canadian Immigration Practitioners (ICCIP) Canadian Society of Immigration Consultants (CSIC) Association of Immigration Consultants of Canada (AICC) Notice requesting submissions from candidates interested in becoming the regulator of immigration consultants that was published in the Canada Gazette on August 28, 2010 (Gazette Notice)

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