Curbstoning Hurts Everyone - We Need Your Help!

Paul John
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Georgia Independent Auto Dealers, WE NEED YOUR HELP getting curbstoning laws enforced. There are clear laws prohibiting unlicensed sales, and property owners need to be held accountable for contributing to the problem. GIADA also encourages you to hold your local law enforcement agencies accountable for enforcing the law. Signing this petition is a step in the right direction and hopefully with enough signatures we can help minimize or eliminate curbstoning in your market area. Curbstoning hurts everybody We need your help to stop it from happening in your community -------- A petition to stop illegal sales of used cars -------- The Georgia Independent Automobile Dealers Association (GIADA) was created in 1956 as a not-for-profit trade association for the independent used car dealers in the state of Georgia. There are over 4,000 licensed used car dealers in Georgia. Currently, GIADA has over 1,800 active members. Georgia used car dealers are responsible for approximately 30% of all used car transactions totaling approximately $2 Billion in sales. Estimated tax revenue generated from Georgia used car dealers is over $129 Million. Georgia Independent Car dealers in our state are regulated by the State Board of Registration Professional Licensing Division under the Office of Secretary of the State just as Nurses, Architects, Dentistry, Accountants and thirty eight other occupations. New independent dealer applicants must complete a required four hour training class on local and federal laws, rules and regulations as well as learn about the Fair Business Practices Act. Included in this but not limited to deceptive sales practices and odometer law compliance. In order for existing dealers to renew their dealer license they must complete a six hour continuing education seminar every two years to update them on all the new laws and regulations. All Georgia licensed dealers are required to have an established place of business, public liability insurance and post a $20,000 Surety Bond. They are also required to have a sign and a working telephone listed in the trade name. Every licensed independent dealer charges, collects and remits state sales tax on every sale they make as well as any local option county tax(s). Georgia used car dealers are required by law to guarantee title transfer within thirty days or be subject to expensive fines. Federal law requires Georgia used car dealers to follow mandatory terrorists screening laws and laws to prevent illegal money laundering. There is a real serious problem going on in many of our own communities that needs to be addressed and we are working hard to educate law enforcement and local government about these problems. Unlicensed and illegal used car sales, (Curbstoning - as referred to in our business) in our state are having negative consequences and not only hurt the licensed auto dealers, the State, but also the consumer. Curbstoners regularly sell vehicles to consumers and ignore the laws in place to protect consumers. Many of these sellers will sell vehicles that reputable dealers would not touch. Victims of curbstoning often pay thousands of dollars above a cars actual value, only to later find out that the odometer was rolled back or that the car has salvage or flood history. Consumers victimized by Curbstoners have no or very little recourse like they do with licensed and bonded used car dealers. In many of these transactions, the vehicle the seller is selling is not titled or registered in their name. The state is loosing a significant amount of tax dollars as a result of these illegal transactions. Curbstoners never charge, collect or remit sales tax, nor are these sales reported as income by the individuals who are engaged in this type of business. Unfortunately, we have case after case of individuals all over our state in just about every community operating as if they were a dealer, and many do it as a living or for secondary income. And to exasperate the problem, we have property owners, or property management companies who turn a blind eye and allow many of these people to park vehicles on their property time after time as if it was a used car lot and think nothing of it. In some cases, property owners or property renters have just given up on the problem. Examples: Wal-Mart


Georgia Independent Automobile Dealers Association ~ GIADA. 6903 Oak Ridge Commerce Way Austell, Ga. 30168 770-745-9650 770-745-9655 - Fax Contacts: Richard Rainwater, Executive Director Paul John, Director of Membership & Education Larry Mannion, President of GIADA


Association Website - Curbstoning Georgia Code -43-47-8.1 CODE VIOLATIONS - 43-47-21.
  • richard jackson
    richard jackson United States, Waldorf
    Jan 27, 2017
    Jan 27, 2017
    who do I contact in Maryland. and why don't the police do anything. we have laws , but no one enforces them
  • Robert Marshall
    Robert Marshall United States, Decatur
    Nov 03, 2015
    Nov 03, 2015
    My neighbor is ruining the quality of life for myself, my wife and family. We have a constant flow of strangers within 10 feet of my driveway; who are not wanting to buy cars from a dealer, but prefer to buy on the gray market with these unlicensed car flippers - like my next door neighbor. It puts me and my family at risk. It has to stop.


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