Tell Congress To Go Without Health Care

Nick Bishop
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Tell Members of Congress to fix health care in two easy steps. Step 1). Tell members of Congress to go without their health care until they come up with the best possible reform for ALL AMERICANS. Step 2) Tell Congress to stop taking campaign contributions from the health care industry. The Current Congress can't fix health care for the same reasons a fox can't guard a chicken house. Since 1990 the health care industry has gave $848,358,039.00 to congressional campaigns. $367,987,697 to Democrats, $476,564,820 to Republicans. Also, while the health care industry has given more to republicans, when you break down donations by year, they simply give to whichever party seems to have control or momentum at that point. (Source: The Drug companies have 60 lobbyists per every member of Congress. Do the math, 535 x 60= 32,100 people representing drug companies while 535 people (members of both house and senate) represent 304,059,724 Americans. If health care companies can afford to give these outlandish contributions and pay for 32,100 lobbyists, then why do hospitals and insurance companies need to charge Americans $20.00 for a Tylenol, and then stick you with thousands in unpaid cost, after the average family pays in $20,000 per year for private health care Sign this petition and Tell Congress, The President, The Democratic Party, and The Republican Party to put away the smoke and mirrors and put forth real reform and until they do, go without like the 8.3 million children in America do each day.


Nick Bishop Sunbright, TN


  • Mary Turowski
    Mary Turowski United States, Alexandria
    Mar 26, 2017
    Mar 26, 2017
    Lets level the playing field. Congress gets what they give us, and only that!


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