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Stop Coal Seam Gas Mining Now

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To the Esteemed Members of the International Court of Justice. We the people of Keerong Valley in Northern New South Wales, Australia wish to bring the following matter to your attention. Our valley has been invaded; our state has been invaded, and indeed out entire continent has been invaded. International Corporate concerns bent on exercising a greater power than that of our State or Federal governments have decided on the carve-up of our country. The decimation knows no bounds or limits. We feel that we are the victims of a silent corporate conspiracy of unbridled ambition. Our continent is being sub-divided for industrial consumption in the northern hemisphere. It is now being proposed that the toxic by-products of industrialization are to be buried, hidden from view of the world in Australia. Roxby Downs uranium mine, the Mucketty Station ‘spent’ waste plutonium deposit, and the monster in the eco-system, Coal Seam Gas mining (CSG) in every state and territory of our country are some of the dangers threatening the eternal contamination of our entire continental water supply. We are in urgent need of assistance. These dangers need to be aired internationally, but more pertinently our politicians need to be informed as they cannot hear our voice over the daily multi- million dollar promotions of mining companies and their promises of short term wealth in nearly all major media outlets and the private access of mining lobbyists to the politicians themselves. Expert international bodies need to communicate to our politicians who have fallen prey to the high powered lobbying process of the mining companies. Our basic human rights to clean air and clean water as stated in the United Nations Charter have been usurped by the legislative system and its dealings with the companies. The communication included with this letter has been handed personally to the Australian Prime Minister’s (the Hon. Julia Gillard) chief advisor, John McQueen, The Minister for the Environment the Right Hon. Tony Burke and representatives from the Australian Water Commission among others. This booklet describes our predicament and the warnings given by various governmental advisory bodies against Coal Seam Gas. This problem has gone viral. It is all over the world and promises to be the blueprint for the destruction of sweet water on an unimaginable scale world-wide. We urge you as responsible concerned persons to communicate and inform with all haste, hydrologists, hydro-geologists and geologists (if there are any who are not working for the companies) as an independent international body of impeccable calibre, to undertake a review and look into the matter and send the findings to the United Nations and to all the countries that stand in great danger of millennial damage, as does our own continent. Our underground water, the Great Artesian Basin, the world’s biggest Artesian Basin has been the support system for life across more than one fifth of our continent and it is being mauled, our largest most productive river system, the Murray Darling Basin, will receive this toxic brew into its underground aquifers and surface flows for millennia to come. All of our rivers are fed from below; we are a spring fed nation. Our own Northern Rivers region of New South Wales, one of the planets’ great treasures will be next to fall if something is not done. We appeal to you, not only on our own behalf, but for the sustainable future of all life that depends on this threatened water, to act quickly in the defense of this most precious global resource. Yours Sincerely


Keerrong Gas Squad


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