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Stop The K39 Port Project / Detenga el proyecto K39 Puerto

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There is a plan to put a massive port that will support a the landing of cruise ships in the area between Las Gaviotas and Club Marena. Currently this is a residential area and would be subject to the impact of this commercial endevor. There are many reasons why this is a bad idea. Below are just a few: 


Residential Value Loss

Areas to the south will experience significant erosion and thereby put many homes in the federal zone. This will significantly degrade home values and impact these communities viability as a major component of the economic engine of the area. Properties located in the blast area for the proposed petroleum fueling and sorage facility will also experience a loss in value as a result of percieved risk. This is well documented in the EIS.

Loss of well established jobs in the area

Sanoviv Hospital will leave as this medical tourism business cannot survive in the polluted environment a commercial port represents. The area currently looks to grow the medical tourism business. If this very successful anchor tenant in this segment would leave it would be a huge setback for this industry and the economic growth of the area.

Last unspoiled stretch of Marketable coastline in Northern Baja

This area should be marketed like Laguna, La Jolla and Malibu and left pristine as such. This will provide the greatest economic benefit to the area. This project will discount the value and only benefit a small investors group. Between the border and Ensenada there are no other stretchs of coast where there are no ports, marina's, LNG terminals, Pemex plants, tuna farming pens, municipal sewage treatment outflows, etc...

The vast majority of the surf tourism businesses will be lost

Surfers and families of surfers will no longer come to this area as most of the quality surf in the Rosarito is in the direct vicinity of the proposed port and will be eradicated. Las Gaviotas will be blocked off from all north/west swells and K38 west will be cblocked from all southerly swells. additionally erosion and buildup will drastically chance bottom countours that will forever change the surf in the area. This surf is a historic commodity that the area has been sold on for years. With out it the economic profile will significantly change. Surf tourism is a multi-billion dollar industry and quality surf is a rare commodity. Rosarito should be capitalizing on this rather than eradicating it.

Proximity is too far from Rosarito to positively affect existing businesses

There is little local commerce, insufficient parking and an infrastructure is not in place to support this magnitude of project.Density required to monetize this level of investment would be way over currently allowable levels. This will have a negative impact on the fish and shellfish habitat, reefs & kelp beds, and thereby impact the local fishing industry and the tourism associated with the lobster villages.

 Commercial project in a residential area

This does not conform to any master plan and the proximity is based on the ownership of small piece of land by a private group and with major negative impacts on local residents and the economy.

Geographic / Oceanographic  

No Natural protection

This site offers none of the natural protection features typically found in the development of a port. There is no dreg-able marsh land, No point or cape, no geographic feature protecting the area to be considered for a port. Every port is located in a natural harbor, dregable weland, natural bay or inside of a cape. This site has none of this.

Offshore reefs

Directly in the area considered for the port are lava flow reefs that would need to be removed. This would require ballistics to get a deep enough area for boat and in particular large passenger ships as proposed.  

One of the highest wave energy locations on the coast

This area is known to be a “magnet” for large surf. The biggest waves in the area land right here. This creates the highst potentil for failure of the jetty's, sand build-up,


This is a residential area. A commercial project is inappropriate and does not conform to any level of master plan considered for a residential area. Erosion to the south will rob residents of the current beaches they enjoy and potentially cause federal zone issue in these long established communities that provide great economic benefit to the area. This is well documented in the EIS.


 Pollution in a residential area

Petroleum, toxic chemicals, bilge waste, noxious fumes, exhaust, noise pollution and the total disruption of the natural environment all will result from a project like this.

Destruction of the reef, sand deposits & Kelp bed habitat

The lobster nursery and general sea-life environment in Bahia Descanso will be completely disrupted by a project of this magnitude.

Blast zone

Dangers proposed by a commercial petroleum fueling station are well documented in the EIS and will significantly affect residential zones and the existing hospital in the area. This is unacceptable for the current business and residential community that exists in the area.

Noise pollution

Marine equipment, commercial vessels, wind driven riggings, etc will all add to the noise portfolio of the area. This is typically considered unacceptable for a residential area and in particular for the area where a major hospital with a high population of convalescing patients.


The erosion of the areas to the south is well documented in the EIS and will have significant impacts on the communities and sea life habitats to the east along the coast. This will also significantly erode the federal zone.

Last unspoiled stretch of coastline in Northern Baja

This area should be considered as a marine sanctuary and allowed to continue to be the sealife nursery for the area. This will continue to promote a healthy environment and support the needs of the fishing and sportsman communities. 



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