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Rev.  Dr. Roanld E. Hodges
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ChurchLeaders a publication intended to support the Christian community, church leaders, pastors and ministry leaders, is engaging in pastor bashing, false doctrine, and supports the homosexual agenda in their publication of feature articles and videos that encourage violence against pastors, a sloppy Gospel, and weakling of God’s Word.

Editor Brian Orem engages in censorship of public comments made in a public forum that he disagrees leaving untouched the non-sense from modern-day culture types who liberally pass off their opinions as God’s Word. This is not journalism but third-world type censorship draconian actions taken to silence those willing to take on Church Leaders for their non-sense.

Please join the many signing this petition to stop ChurchLeaders from engaging in censorship by removing public comments in their public forum that takes Church Leaders to task for its liberal bias views, supporting violence against pastor and homosexual agenda in their feature articles.  (SEE BLOG FOR CHURCHLEADERS COMMENTS)


Rev. Dr. Ronald E. Hodges, Ph.D., Th.D. D.Min.


ChruchLeaders Stop The Censorship!  Take a look at present and past featured articles and videos on this false non-Christian web site to learn how thinly veiled mass indoctrination of a community takes places from pagans carrying Christian titles influencing God's Word to appease modern cultural change that this inconsistent with God's Word.  Sign the Stop ChurchLeaders Censorship Petition Today and Share With a Friend.




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