make animal cruelty illegal. it is murder.

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i came across a horrific website for some sick really f'd up people. it made me so angry. it is called crush something something i dont really remember and im glad! it consists of these asian fetishes, where asian women stand on small animals heads whislt wearing heels until the defencless kitten/puppy/chick/ etc are killed. the photos are horrifying. we need to make animal cruelty a federal offence, they deserve jail time. torturing these defencless animals til death is murder. since when is murder acceptible? so maybe you think you look good wearing fur around your neck? what if it became acceptable to start wearing human skin. would someone finally stop this? if they then understood how wrong it is to destroy a living creature for this weeks hot new trend. what if we started skinning human beings alive? tell me, WHAT IS THE DIFFERENCE? dont these animals feel pain just like we do? the only difference is if we're attacked, we are not put down if we cause injuring trying to defend ourselves. we are not wronged if we save ourselves from harm. but they are. its disgusting.





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