stop 800 number surcharge

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This is a petition to stop the telephone companies from charging their customers ( who use service plans with phone minutes ), extra minutes on the phone while you have dialed a 1-800-number. The 1-800-numbers are a free phone call from any payphone, but if you have minutes on your cell phone and you dial a 800-number; you the customer, pay for the long awaited conversations with the merchants. The merchants customer service pays for the so called free 800-numbers. But you can only call toll free from a payphone or a landline.  Why do we have to get double charged by the telephone companies for something that is free. If you agree with my petition, please sign it.  NOTICE TO THE PUBLIC  THIS PETITION MAY BE CIRCULATED BY A PAID SIGNATURE GATHERER OR A VOLUNTEER, YOU HAVE THE RIGHT TO ASK.  THE USE OF YOUR SIGNATURE FOR ANY OTHER PURPOSE OTHER THAN QUALIFICATION OF THIS MEASURE FOR THE BALLOT IS A MISDEMEANOR, COMPLAINTS ABOUT THIS MISUSE OF YOUR SIGNATURE MAY BE MADE TO THE SECRETARY OF STATE'S OFFICE

Signers Must Be Registered Voters of Los Angeles County 







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