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Stop the Brutal Targeting of Car Enthusiasts by the PSNI

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We have recently received a large number of complaints which has prompted us to create this petition.

A large number of us car enthusiasts in Fermanagh & Omagh have felt that recently they are being unfairly targeted by the PSNI's Road Policing Unit. Nowhere else in Northern Ireland does the car community feel that they face such strong targeting and some may even say harassment. Many of them feel that they are being branded scumbags and hooligans despite being law-abiding citizens.

Here are some complaints we have received about alleged recent actions of the PSNI that we believe may constitute misconduct:

  • Intimidation of young drivers - who are less likely to know their rights.
  • Continual following of and unauthorized surveillance of those with car club branded merchandise.
  • Threatening to seize vehicles on the basis of 'new legislation' which does not exist.
  • Threatening to put a 'red flag' on vehicles whose drivers' know their rights and rightfully stand up for them.
  • Actively preventing the filming and photography of police activity.
  • Stopping unmodified and legal vehicles and telling the driver that the vehicle is illegally modified.
  • Issuing fines to unmodified and legal vehicles.
  • Threatening to seize legally modified and unmodified vehicles and intimidating the drivers.

..and here are some complaints we have received about alleged recent actions of the PSNI, which may not be misconduct but we believe to be excessive:

  • Prevention of entry of car enthusiasts into any and all car parks in Omagh. (Chasing us out of the town.)
  • Excessive use of unmarked vehicles when marked vehicles would serve better to prevent inappropriate behaviour.
  • Preference to use force over education.
  • Assumption of guilt by default.

This list is not complete and will be updated regularly as we receive new information. Because of these alleged actions, we believe that police officers in Omagh should at the very least receive additional training. We also believe that there are particular officers who should be disciplined.

Car enthusiasts are sick of being targeted everyday. They want to be treated in a fair and just manner and they are not guilty by default.

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