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I am a mum of two girls and my daughter has recently become very ill and self harms she hardly eats and takes tablets in the hope of killing herself. She see's professional doctors and has told them she spends hours on a blogging site late at night while we are all sleeping. I have since opened an account and cannot believe what I saw, please take a look on Tumbla ( under self harm, depression and death. I feel these social networking pages are causing our children harm and sending all the wrong messages. My daughter was predicted to gain 10 As in her GCSE's next year but has since became to depressed to go to school. My heart is breaking and I feel it is my duty to try and stop our children being able to sign up to pages like these.s

So I have created a page calling all parents for their support. and all those who disagree with social netwoking sites such as TUMBLR and/or FACEBOOK. PLEASE, PLEASE sign my patition and help me stop pages like Tumbla, If you think facebook is bad, its nothing compared with Tumbla .... PLEASE, PLEASE show your support and help me to help our children. I may never be able to STOP these social networking sites, but my hope is to gain as much support as possible HOPING to make the sites18 + and people who do try to register will need PHOTO ID and bank-details to do son I HOPE YOU CAN HELP, PLEASE SIGN Thank you....






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