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Something needs to be done about Diven Elementary school and the lack of parking and or drop off area for children who attend the school. There is no designated drop off area for children nor a parking lot for parents to park and walk their kids into the main office. The parking lot across the street from the school belongs to a church, and they do allow parents and teachers to use their parking lot. But its not very large and is filled up very quickly by facility and other parents. leaving more than half of the parents having to park on the street in front school or down blocks away. During the cold winter months its hard to walk with other small children and infants to drop off/pick up our kids from school. Its very hard in the snow, rain, and bitter cold. Thus leaving parents no choice to pull up in front of the school and drop off their kids. The parents are not allowed to do this for there are "NO STOPPING 8am-3pm" sings that line the very front of the school. Their is a difference between a stopped vehicle and a standing vehicle. Stopped consists of vehicle actually physically stopped, no engine running, no 4 ways going, and no driver or occupants. Standing is a vehicle that is running and has driver or occupants. So why are parents receiving tickets for dropping their kids off/picking them up in front when its considered by law standing not stopping. The parking enforcer sits out side the school waiting to give tickets every day like clock work. Its pretty easy to give tickets to people you know will be dropping off/picking up children in an area with not enough parking space available to meet everyone's needs. Its like shooting fish in a barrel, your bound to get one every time. Something needs to change, either get a REAL drop off area for the kids or make a parking lot for the parents. This is outrageous that people are being fined for taking kids to school.




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