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Stop the Tyranny at West CTA

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West CTA is Unfair, Mr. Yee is Right There, Standing in the Concession Plotting his Oppression.

When West CTA opened in 2010 it was under the leadership of Mr. Bay. He ensured that each and every student loved attending the school. However after a new body of the school came out the students and teachers are no longer the first concern or the second or the third, they have taken the back seat to trivial things like standardized testing, dress code enforcement, and even the dictation as to where you can eat.

This is not the teachers’ fault nor is it the support staffs’ fault it is the tyrannical oppression that the administration gets to inflict on students. You are not allowed to speak your mind to have the freedom to choose how you would like to speak and what you want to say. Words are banned out of the ridiculous idea that they hold and define you as a person. Clothing that is allowed anywhere in public is banned and those who are the ‘culprits’ of seeing the obvious infringement are punished and in some cases suspended or worse. You are not allowed to sit outside of a designated area that stuffs an uncomfortable amount of people into one little section on the campus, a campus that was made for students to relax eat and do homework.

This completely stands against the American right to go on strike and their right to vote. These rules never where even presented to the students for any form of a proper vote, these where made by the higher faculty who have no idea how it truly effects the students.

When students follow the rule to the full extent the administration sees the stupidity in the law and views the following of it sarcastic and rude. The school’s Principle and Vice Principle stand against most of the basic rights students should have, oppressing them and unjustly oppressing the rules.

The most recent oppression at West CTA involves the crowding of a great amount of students thrown into a small area, where no seats or tables are provided for the students to properly enjoy there one 30 minute down period in-between four 90 minute classes. There is only two areas that supply shade to protect the student’s skin from the harsh desert sun that can increase the young student’s chances at getting health issues such as skin cancer. The school also does not provide proper seating for the students causing them to sit on the hot concrete with no place to put their food. No, student can enter the buildings that are meant to be a safe place for students for anything. No bathroom use, no retaking of assignments, and little to no respect to the student stores such as DECA and FBLA have in order to help fund these national organizations for our school.

At the start students could eat in the air-conditioned buildings during the hot summers and the raining days helping students having a nice place to sit, it also supplied the students access to the stores and bathrooms. Most student’s where very respectful of keeping the hallways clean and being respectful to any other group who was in the hallway. Students where allowed to eat in the halls up until this year, 2016-2017, now we are not only exiled from eating in the building but regulated to sit in side a small area that lacks chairs, tables, and shade.

Unless the school is supplying me with sunscreen, hats, sunglasses, chairs, and tables for every student they should not expect the students to follow the tyrannical rules that insist the students uncomfortable for the benefit of no one.

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