Stop the "school by closest address" state law.

Julian Cervantes
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Do you feel upset because you have to move away from your favorite school or have to move to the closest school that you don't even want to go just because of where you live? Do you ever feel lonely because your best friend is not at your "new" school? It is theĀ governor's fault because the only reason why they enabled this law is because all they care about is making money. Of course it could organize places and could be a good chance to meet new schools and people, but what about our friends and classes? I never got to see my best friend Christopher anymore because of this stupid law that they enforced. Not only that, I am also not allowed to apply to return to my favorite school, Costa Mesa High School because of this. If you feel the same way, you can help out by signing your name in the petition to stop the law before anything else gets worse. If you want to see your best friend again or return to you favorite school, the best thing to do is to support this petition and send it to whoever made up this law and then they would disable it.




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