Stop the noise from Oko Blu

Len Brooks
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Oko Blu is a night club located at 755 Queensway East, Mississauga. They purport to be a restaurant for by law purposes, but there is no mistake that they are a night club. They blare music, indoor and on the outdoor patio until 4 am on weekends, and produce the associated noise from the patrons, causing a great deal of inconvenience for the neighbouring community. Mississauga zoning bylaws (#0225) state that no night clubs are permitted within 800 meters of a residential neighbourhood. There are an estimated 550+ homes within 800 meters of Oko Blu. The objective of this petition is to let it be known to the City Of Mississauga, the by law eforcment officers, and our elected officials that this is not acceptable. While we don't harbour ill will to the owners of Oko Blu, the running of a night club is not welcome in our neighbourhood. Please sign to support our cause.