Rétablir la calme / Restore the Calm

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Starting in June 2013, le Societé du Vieux Port de Montreal has contracted with AppolloGlobe to bring live entertainment (bands) and DJ's to the Plage de l'Horloge, located on the eastern edge of the Old Port of Montreal. The Plage de l'Horloge sits directly across from a residential apartment building with 240 units ("l"Heritage du Vieux Port").

While we support the concept of broadening Montrealers choices for entertainment, fun and relaxation during our short summer, we are opposed to what is basically an outdoor, open-air nightclub with amplified music being situated less than 150 metres from our homes.  

AppolloGlobe, which operates various restaurants and terrasses throughout the city, has planned over 75 events this summer at the Plage de l'Horloge, scheduled from June 13 to September 7. Amplified music will play almost every night of the week, until as late as 12 midnight on Thursday, Friday and Saturday. Despite claims from the City of Montreal Noise Control DIvision and the Societe du Vieux Port de Montreal, no residents of the building that is most impacted were ever consulted prior to the granting of permits and licenses to operate this outdoor nightclub.

Many municipal noise by-laws are being violated by this open-air nightclub, including, but not limited to, the following rules and regulations:

8. No disruptive noise whose sound pressure level is greater than the maximum standardized noise level determined by ordinance, with respect to the inhabited place subjected to that emission, may be emitted.

9. In addition to the noise referred to in article 8, the following noises, where they can be heard from the outside, are specifically prohibited:
(1) noise produced by sound equipment, whether it is inside a building or installed or used outside;


Moreover, we believe that because this commercial establishment will be operating for the entire summer right next to a residential building, there must be extra special care and caution taken so as not to disturb the peaceful enjoyment of our homes. If this establishment were for a special event for a limited duration, then that would be a different story. With over 70 events planned until September 7, this cannot be considered a special event.

Please voice your concern by signing this petition to bring back the peace and RESTORE THE CALM to this part of the city. 


Heath Slawner


(City of Montreal Noise By-Laws, en Français)