Stop the Grant Street redevelopment application!

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Rob Fisher
Rob Fisher
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Goal: 100
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This petition is not "No to density", it's "No to this design, on this site".

Density and affordable housing are good. This design, on this site, is not.

It's Not accepted by the neighborhood

It's Not supported by the Urban Design Panel

It's Not affordable, even on a living wage

The only ones who win with this design on this site are the developers.

NOT a fit ...

  • Major slopes (will effectively be 8 storeys tall when compared to its neighbors)
  • Short lots & no lane (will be 62 feet closer to its neighbors than normal)

NOT Urban Design Panel approved ...

  • Challenging grades (slopes)
  • No lane
  • Short lots
  • Poor context & neighborhood fit

NOT affordable, even on a living wage ...

  • 1BR $1869/month requires $70-$80,000 income
  • 2BR $2457/month = $90-$99,000 income
  • 3BR $3235/month = $140-$150,000 income

Help us stop it on September 12, when the results of this petition channel plus others will be presented to Vancouver City Council. For more information, or to help stop it, contact the Brittania Woodland Area Resident's Group at

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