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Stop the Gas Tax in Clark County of Nevada

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We are asking that the gas tax be postponed until we the people of Clark County are able to vote on this tax in the upcoming 2014 election and that a public forum be established online for people of Clark County to ask questions with any and all documentation to be available online for everyone in Clark County to investigate. We also demand all work be completed by Clark County construction companies and materials purchased from Clark County. An online resource must be available and updated bi-weekly at a minimum with any and all documentation from this project so that the people of Clark County can review what is happening on the project with photos of what has been done.

The Clark County Commissioners in Las Vegas Nevada at the Clark County Government Center passed an increase to our gas tax today 9/3/2013. There is a limited amount of time to stop this. 

Chairman Steve Sisolak pointed out that the RTC does not know what the tax increase will be exactly and that it could be raised to .14 per gallon. Sisolak also had major opposition to the legality of the tax that a Clark County Commission staff member reluctantly said was legal. 

If the RTC cannot answer any and all questions that we the people and the commissioners have asked, why did the vote take place? 

We the residents of Clark County should be able to vote on any and all tax increases not any body of elected officials on their own. The residents or Clark County do not have the opportunity to vote on this until 2016 but there is an election in 2014.


Items below are from concerned Las Vegas Residents feel free to fact check. Please send comments and notify us of any inconsistencies on the top right side of this page.

There is no verbiage that demands that the jobs and materials come from Clark County Nevada.

There is no verbiage that the construction must have full time 7 day a week work with mandatory project completion dates with fines imposed on chosen contractors if those project completion dates are not met. 

The method of funding they are using is unsustainable. The tax itself with generate about 130-150 million dollars by the end of 2016 with bonds to the tune of 700 million and is based on inflation.

When we vote on this in 2016, IF we discontinue the indexing; it doesn't repeal, it merely freezes it. We still have to continue paying that increase until the bond gets paid off in 20 years. 

The county has a $6+ Billion budget. The RTC has had 136 million dollars to work with via the fuel tax for the past 10 years. In 2012, the county's total budget was $3 Billion, give or take. In 2014 it's over $6 Billion. 

This tax pays for Interstate I-11 that connects Mexico to Canada and will be funded from this tax. Users of this road may have to pay a toll to use this Interstate. Interstate 11 (I-11) is a proposed Interstate Highway, officially designated by the U.S. Congress in the 2012 Surface Transportation Act. It runs from Casa Grande, Arizona northwest to Buckeye, Arizona, thence to Kingman, Arizona, terminating in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Long-term I-11 plans: I-11 is projected to serve as an "Intermountain West" part of the US's long-term CANAMEX Corridor transportation plans, with potential extensions south from Casa Grande to the Sonoran border, and north from Las Vegas through northern Nevada (potentially passing through Reno or Elko) and onward through either eastern Oregon/Washington or western Idaho before terminating at the Canadian border.

This also pays for an intelligent street infrastructure that has been stated to "increase capacity on the roads up to 25%," the federal program supporting the intelligent street infrastructure implementation outlines many additional components to track emissions from your vehicle and a complimentary system to tax us accordingly. Wireless data hubs will need to be set up for the connectivity of our cars as they will be building into newer cars in the not so distant future as a part of the smart grid. 

Don't forget, last year Nevada was the first state in the nation to create a license plate for an automated vehicle.



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