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STOP the Century Club Relay Net on 40 Meters 7.188

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This petition is to the ARRL and other contesting certificate award-giving organizations to BAN worked-all-states log entries that are achieved by relay station nets like the 3905 Century Club Net, that has set up shop in various places around the bands to enable cheating via relay signal reports, rather than the actual, legitimate QSO between two operators in different states who log this contact. The Century Club nets do not serve any legitimate purpose. The net is basically relay stations screaming "five five fifty five, snake eyes, rifle shot, double nickel" and other unintelligible radio traffic, in order to log states and counties for certificates that ARRL offer for "worked all states". The relay stations enable these certificate-seekers to cheat. These stations are not actually working the state, but talking to a relay station who passes a signal report to the log-seeking station. This 3905 Century Club Net also interferes with other legitimate nets and long time users, without consideration. They do not follow their own bylaws about good operating, and they setup operations in crowded areas of the amateur bands without consideration of other users, and their traffic is unintelligible to anyone else who may come across them in the spectrum. The best way to describe the tenor and rhythm of a typical Century Club net is that it sounds like an live auction, with fast talking stations shouting code words, such as "snake eyes" or "rifle shot" over and over again. They have been clocked at repeating these particular words for as long as 10 minutes straight before moving on to the next station for another round of monikers. One example of the damage this "net" has caused other operations, groups and nets on the bands is two years ago, the "3905 Century Club Net" moved their operation to 40 Meters 7.188 frequency. There are multiple nets and users which were already in existence on 7.185 Old Miss Net (around for decades), 7.188 Hole in the Wall Net, 7.190 Jabra Net (around for 7 years), 7.192 Morning Nets, etc. When the "3905 Century Club Net" began their operations on 7.188, they immediately and knowingly interfered with the Jabra net on 7.190 which is 2kz away. The appropriate frequency separation distance on SSB is at least 3kz. The 3905 group knew there were other regular nets/users on adjoining frequencies. When they were asked to move further away, they refused. This group had moved to 7.188 from 7.178 because of the same problem, but they had not learned from their mistakes from the past, obviously. After two years of tense communications, phone calls, emails, and air time between the Jabra Net and Century Club Nets, the "five five fifthy five" signal reports which are given over and over again over many hours, with no other conversations taking place by this net on 7.188 continue. Because the regular users, such as the Jabra Net continue as well, everyone's QSO's are effected. This is especially true, when the Jabra Net is trying to talk to mobile stations. Last year (2012) the Jabra Net had an emergency with a mobile stuck in the Mojave Desert. While emergency communications were being passed over several hours, members of the Century Club were screaming, "Double Nickel, Snake Eyes, Five Five Fifty Five, and Two Two Two." over and over again...bleeding over on the Jabra Net's emergency traffic. When members of the Jabra Net attempted to quiet them by explaining the emergency, members of the Century Club began jamming the emergency traffic with carriers, Morse Code, and other interference. Recently, west coast members of the Century Club complained that they are upset the officers of the club/net would not move the operation back to 7.178. These operators complained that they were unable to participate in the net's traffic due to other stations and nets on adjoining frequencies. The east coast Century Club operations continue and their own members were ignored. Since the "3905 Century Club Worked All States Net" has arrived on 7.188 the malicious interference, in the form of tuning on 7.190 over the Jabra Net's operations on purpose, has been every day. There are other reports of this Century Club net interfering with radio traffic across the bands, however the most recent accounts of malicious interference has been most prevalent on 40 meters. By signing this petition, you hereby agree to the following: 1. The 3905 Century Club relay nets which is a way to cheat logbook entries to obtain certificates from the ARRL must be made null and void for credit toward any awards anywhere and by any organization who gives awards and certificates. 2. That you agree this "net" is actively interfering with normal amateur radio traffic and users on all bands where they operate. 3. You hereby agree that the ARRL and other award-giving organizations demand that these relay nets be stopped.

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