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Stop the concrete batch plant

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  • Please sign this petition urging the City of Georgetown’s Planning and Zoning Commission to deny a stormwater permit for Five Star Concrete Inc. to discharge stormwater into Berry Creek. This waterway is a lovely unpolluted stream passing through many neighborhoods before it enters the San Gabriel River. Berry Creek runs through Sun City, Berry Creek Country Club and other neighborhoods in Georgetown. The proposed plant will discharge stormwater into Berry Creek when there is a heavy rainfall that exceeds the stormwater treatment system design capacity.
  • How will our quality of life be impacted?There are already eight concrete factories circling a retirement community (Sun City) just a half mile from the proposed plant. Does Georgetown really need a ninth concrete batch plant?
  • The new plant proposed by Five Star may:
  • increase truck traffic and diesel emissions into and out of the plant, since operations may occur up to 18 hours per day;
  • Endanger motorists and bicyclists on Ronald Reagan due to increased truck traffic;
  • Increase emissions of air pollutants and concrete dust;
  • Increase noise;
  • Reduce homeowner property values;
  • Degrade road conditions due to increased concrete truck traffic; and
  • Potentially discharge contaminated stormwater into Berry Creek.What are the risks?
  • Stormwater discharges at the Five Star Concrete’s other sites in Hutto and Uhland contained elevated levels of mercury and pH, both of which are hazardous to humans and/ or aquatic life. Other pollutants which are typical for concrete batch plants are suspended solids (otherwise known as sediment or silt) which can clog waterways, increase flooding and adversely impact aquatic life. Contaminated stormwater has a milky appearance per the example photo from an unrelated facility in Signal Hill, TX.
  • Poor Environmental Record: Potential discharge of stormwater pollutants from Five Star into Berry Creek is worrisome given their repeated violations of their stormwater discharge limits over the last 3 years at their plants in Hutto and Uhland. In addition, Five Star received two notices of violation in January 2021 for failing to operate and maintain their stormwater treatment system correctly. Texas Commission on Environmental Quality (TCEQ) stated on January 28, 2021 in the notice of violation at Five Star’s Hutto facility: “Failure to maintain the facility in accordance with permit conditions.” “Failure to prevent an unauthorized discharge into or adjacent to water of the State”
  • When asked about their poor environmental record and why should residents believe that operations will be different at the proposed site in Georgetown, the owner of Five Star did not answer and stated “Next question, please”.
    Basis of Denial: Georgetown Ordinance Section 11.04 (Stormwater Management System Requirements) should be the basis of this denial. Five Star’s stormwater treatment system is not designed to mitigate all the pollutants found at concrete batch plants.
  • Summary: Based on the current ordinance and the reasons stated above, the people signing this petition want the City of Georgetown to deny the application submitted by Five Star Concrete, Inc. Note: The image shown is of a different concrete facility discharge in Texas not related to Five Star

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