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Stop the common core in our schools

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I'm sending you some info on Common Core - the current efforts our administration has named for the dumbing down of our most precious national resource - our children. And I'm grateful to and for both liberals and conservatives alike who can see the real harm in this and will get behind a movement against this and help expose it for what it is. This is highly upsetting to me and is a SIGNIFICANT indicator of the direction our country is going under our current administration - of snuffing out our individual freedoms! Also, I had heard (or read somewhere) several years ago that Bill Gates Foundation was spending vast quantities of funding in education and thought what a great, magnanimous thing he was doing with his wealth. Turns out he (Gates) is complicit with the current administration, in destroying our freedom and the future of our country! And think about it... If you have a part in providing and controlling the curriculum and providing the technology to schools on a national level... THAT is worth some bucks - no doubt a lesson learned from Apple. Freedom...? Principles...? Who cares about that when you can hook-up with something our government is doing - outside the realm of our Constitution - making you more rich! What a pile of skunk slime. I'm converting to Linux. So, you've no doubt heard of "No Child Left Behind" foisted on States during the Bush Administration (during 2001-2002)... Maybe you haven't read or heard what a debacle that has been. I mean, that should be all over the main stream media - it ISNT! Check it out, I dare you! So, I'm thinking young mothers and fathers with children in public school or who have children soon entering our public school system, should be scared at the direction our educational system will be taking our future generations under the recent changes, under the guise of Educational Reform! ...unless they really don't like the idea of independent free thinking, uh.. thinking. I am ...scared, that is. Think about what they're planning on doing. Based on test scores in 9th grade (based on several hundred data fields collected up to that point - and shared with many other government agencies) you will be tracked into an acceptable career path. Jane Robbins, spokes(wo)man for Stop Common Core, says "Common Core will NARROW the curricula PREPARING OUR CHILDREN TO BE COGS in a political/industrial machine or system instead of fostering full citizens in a free republic. (caps mine)" And the govm't provides very limited provision for local modification. The implications of this are frightening to me... This kind of education is critical to advancing the totalitarian State! Think "Utopian Grandiose Planning for a Managed Global Economy." That's where I believe we are headed and what I've noticed true-blue, died in the wool liberal/progressive idealists want this country to be... Which in my opinion is another iteration of communism. If you have another opinion let me know.

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