Stop the Rot in Camelot and Bring Out The Branson

Andrew Wright
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2 Signatures Goal: 2,000,000

The aims of this petition are two fold: Firstly, to show the UK National Lottery operator Camelot and their partners, that those who play the lottery will no longer tolerate the way in which it is currently run and the way in which it will be run from September 2013. Secondly, to submit to Richard Branson or another proposed operator in the hope that an alternative lottery is set up to challenge Camelot but with similar values to Virgin's People's Lottery bid which are: "All our profits will go to good causes. There will be no dividends, no shareholders creaming money off the top...We believe the people should be the beneficiaries, not the operator. They should benefit as players, as winners, and as members of the general public benefiting from the good causes that the lottery is able to support." (Richard Branson) The signatories of this petition would also advocate that a change in the existing UK National Lottery or a new operator would: a) Keep all proceeds of the UK National Lottery within the UK via charities and other good charitable causes. b) Not allow shareholders or any other private individual, company or organisation to hold a commercial stake. c) Not to pay dividends. d) Not to have QUANGO's. e) No MP to have an interest directly or indirectly (via partner companies or organisations) in the lottery fund. f) To have a fixed salary for the CEO of not more than £200k and no "performance" related bonuses. g)To allow the purchaser of a lottery ticket (the general public) to have a direct say and input via a Tick-Box on the ticket itself, into which charity their purchase will benefit. h) To be 100% transparent with fund allocation to charities and good causes. In essence no more fat cats creaming off the top as "Consultants", no more £60M for opera houses revamps while homeless people sleep outside. Just a fair and honest lottery that puts the money back into the UK and people first. Sign the petition and don't buy a UK National Lottery ticket until you get change and a voice into how your money is used.





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