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Stop the building of the Saudi University in Kabul, Afghanistan!

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The Islamic University with an integrated mosque which is able to entertain 15 000 worshippers during one prayer will be built by the Saudi oil rich Royal Family. The institution will be named after the Saudi King, similar to the one in Pakistan. The University will have many amenities which a modern day University has and will keep Afghans from studying Islam outside of Afghanistan.

However letus not forget that this is the same Saudi Arabia who provided financial support to 3 different factions warring the last 30 years in Afghanistan, Mujahideen, Sayyaf (Ittihad-i Islami) and Taliban. I will not fail to mention the Saudi's were allied with Pakistan while Gulbuddin (directly supported by Pakistan) was fighting against same factions Saudi supported (mainly Sayyaf). A clear example of how much the Saudi's value Afghan life. The same Saudi Arabia who was one of the three countries to recognize the Taliban Afghanistan as an official State. The same Saudi Arabia which funded the death of 100 000s Afghans to try to implement their interpretation of Islam better yet known as Wahabism. The same Saudi Arabia which has participated in Human trafficking mostly women from Afghanistan to Saudi Arabia during the Taliban regime.

Naming anything in the name of any member of the Royal family in Afghanistan destroys every and any shred of Afghan sovereignty and begs the question do Afghans respect themselves as humans?

Simply my question is, should we even give a glimmer of hope for this to all happen again? If the University is built then yes we will give a glimmer of hope.

To justify their generosity through the amount of money is not a valid argument either because we cannot place a value for the 100 000s Afghan lives. Further more the Saudi government brings in $ 18.6 billion in revenue from Hajj and Ummah pilgrimmage as per a University Professor from Mecca (conservative figure). The new Islamic University in Afghanistan will cost a fraction of that, $ 45 million to $ 110 million, clearly not a substantial amount of money for the Saudi government.

Let us show resistance against this University. We Afghans can build our own Universities and we were on the forefront of intellect and education before and we can definitely do it again. Lets not rely on the same people who desecrated everything Afghan because of Saudi political agenda. Building this University and naming it after a Saudi King destroys our integrity as humans and goes against being Afghan.

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