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Help stop the bias of video game journalism against white males!

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Why is it that so many video game journalists like to label a white male protagonist in a negative light? How often are white male protagonists singled out as a negative component in modern video games? How often have you heard the term "too white", or "another white male" in mainstream video game reviews?

Examples are reviews of Far Cry 3 claiming that the protagonist is "yet another white boy saving the natives", or reviews of Witcher 3 suggesting the game would be improved by being "less white". Or even Mafia 3 previews, claiming that a non-white protagonist is "laudible".

Now ask yourself, how many of these journalists would ever claim that a video game was "too black", or that a game would be better if it included less black people? Would they even dare?

This petition is not intended as an opposition to racial inclusion, but rather as an opposition to the intentional and offensive comments made by journalists against white males in video games.

Let's observe a few facts about racial inclusion, globally:

  • Japanese TV shows are predominantly made by Japanese people and feature predominantly Japanese contestants and/or actors. They are not criticized for being "too Japanese".
  • Bollywood movies are predominantly made by Indian people and feature predominantly Indian actors. They are not criticized for being "too Indian".
  • Hip-Hop music is predominantly made by black people and features predominantly black musicians and actors. They are not criticized for being "too black".

So why is it then, that when video games are made (and indeed invented) by white males, they are criticized for including white males as protagonists in their games? Why does the mainstream media only focus on a lack of inclusion when they believe it stems from white males, but ignore all other demographics that exclude white people entirely?

We must make game journalists aware that we are tired of race-baiting and hypocrisy. They need to criticize everyone equally, and leave racial politics out of video game reviews. There is nothing wrong with a white protagonist in a video game made by white people, in just the same way that it is completely acceptable to have a black protagonist in a video game.

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