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People should sign this because everyday an injured worker is being abused by WSIB.  As an injured worker I have been emotionally and psychologically abused, I have been further injured physically by WSIB assessments.  Financially I have been devastated, we lost everything as a result of my being injured and WSIB not recognizing the fact I was unable to work as reported to them by my family Dr and specialists including my own psychiatrist.  I have attempted suicide on more then one occasion, but one of those was a near fatal attempt during that time and upon receiving a letter from my doctor explaining the situation they cut me off for being non compliant.  It took 2 years of appealing to be temp. reinstated only to be put through the psychological abuse from WSIB once again.  I am once again feeling that I would be better off dead and unsure of my future I am 51 and worked hard all my life.  I was a psych nurse, I never thought I'd ever be left in such an emotionally messy state.  My physical injury is ignored as is the chronic pain, I lost the ability to perform many tasks pre injury along with a wonderful career, I go day to day not knowing if I will physically be able to get out of bed or dress myself, my husband often has to assist me, I have good days and far more bad days.  If that hasn't been enough to leave me depressed the treatment and the process of WSIB has created far more psychological damage.  I did not ask to be injured and yet I've been told I am to blame, no one in their right mind would cheat this system to be put thru what INJURED WORKERS are put thru by WSIB, not to mention their families.  I hate my life, I pray everyday not wake up, I've lost everything because I was attacked 3 x by the same patient at Whitby Mental Health, my employer did nothing to protect me nor did WSIB.  WSIB's only goal is not to have anyone on benefits not what is in the best interest of an injured worker and our gov't allows it.  We have no rights, we as injured workers are no longer part of Canada's charter of freedoms and rights, WSIB no longer operates as it was intended as protection for the employee, its been almost 10 yrs since this nightmare started for me and nothing has ever been done to help me only hurt me.  I am still being threatened and abused, I am getting worse physically and psychologically and I'm still having to fight for benefits.  If the gov't isn't going to help us get what we deserve from WSIB then legalize assisted suicide because our lives are no longer worth living and at least we'd be at peace.  We struggle daily living in poverty as do our families and they watch us die inside while our shell is forced to endure pain emotionally, physically, financially.  WSIB is murdering Injured Workers and getting away with it, the stress they create causes heart attacks, strokes and suicides and they are legally being allowed to do this.  Until it happened to me I never realized what was going on.  Canadians need to sign this because one day it could be you or a loved one.  Please help us!

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