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Stop Sunrise Roofing and Construction from turning 100 St.Marks So.Pekin from becoming a dumping site for the company

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100 St. Marks Dr. is an old church zoned for business. It was bought by the Johnsons who live behind it 4 years ago. They were using it as a hall for weddings, and parties. A year ago, Brian Johnson, the owner of Sunrise Roofing, started to use it as his dumping grounds for roofing waste, and other used martials: Aluminum, Guttering, old wood roofing, and scraps; etc. We do not know how old this roofing is that he is bring here to dump and asbestos is in roofing material still to this day. We see the dust in the air, We have to breathe it in. We like to cook outside on the grill, but when he comes to dump the dust goes all over, possibly contaminating our food. Who wants to live next door to that? Every day when we look out our window all we see is garbage bins overflowing with construction wastes. Why should the rest of us allow him to pollute our air and possibly make us sick? He is also a very rude person. When he sees us he laughs and gives us the finger and has called us white trash living on nothing but public aide and so on. He doesn't even live here he lives in Washington, Ill. I bet he would not like to have to live next to this if it was in his neighborhood. This is basically a residential neighborhood other than the church (his dumping grounds now) and the small mini-mart stores on Main St., like Casey's Gas Station, etc...But we don't live with their trash in our yards or smell or see it in our air...We need to stop him and keep our city and air clean, we do not need a dump site here in South Pekin making us sick and bring down our property value because of him and his roofing company. Please sign this petition if you care about the health of us all remember we do not know where these materials are coming from or how old they are. I did some research and you can too just look up “What Materials Still Have Asbestos In Them” and you will see that roofing shingles and felt paper (the black paper they put before the shingles) are on the list.Remember roofing can last up to 30 years and you can put 3 layers before having to strip it down,so how old are the shingles he is dumping over there?The older the more asbestos is in them and asbestos is asbestos no matter the amount and harmful to us all. REFRENCES: Look for the following: • Cement Siding • Flashing • Roof Coating • Roofing • Roofing Felt • Shingles • Siding • Stucco • Tar Paper

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