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Resolution Regarding the Condemnation of the Capital Punishment by Stoning, in the Judicial System of the Islamic Republic of Iran Introduction: This resolution, under the title of “Resolution Regarding the Condemnation of Capital Punishment by Stoning in the Judicial System of the Islamic Republic of Iran” was introduced on July 11th, 2012, in the City of Los Angeles, California, in the United States of America, and was approved by a significant number of political and human rights activists, journalists and media professionals as well as other Iranians residing outside Iran, in order to demonstrate the deep concerns of the Iranian communities abroad, over the continuation of human rights violations in Iran and the officially adopted punishment of stoning within the present Iranian judiciary, as well as their resolve towards the realization of the six demands listed further below, by presenting it to the following authorities: His Excellency Ban Ki-moon, Secretary General of the United Nations, and His Excellency Dr. Ahmad Shahid, the United Nations Special Rapporteur of Human Rights in Iran Based on the United Nations charter, which was originally written on the basis of promoting peace and non violence, to establish a world without oppression, in observation of the International Declaration of Human Rights, which is considered to be the highest human document in the civilized world, and with full awareness of the tragic situation of human rights in the Islamic Republic of Iran (which is still far from the minimum standards of internationally accepted norms of civil rights , despite continuous international efforts for their implementation), political and human rights activists, journalists and media professionals and other Iranians residing outside Iran, resolutely and unanimously condemn the implementation of the capital punishment by stoning, as an inhumane and ruthless practice, which has been founded on violent traditions and beliefs of centuries ago. In accordance with the third section of the second article of the UN General Assembly resolution entitled “Condemnation of the Human Rights Situation in Iran”, adopted on October 30th, 2008 by the General Assembly of the United Nations, and in order to put a stop to this criminal practice which enjoys the full protection of judicial, legislative and executive branches and their respective authorities of the Islamic Republic of Iran, the above mentioned persons consider stoning as one of the infamous examples of human rights violations and make the following observations and suggestions. Whereas: Capital punishment by means of stoning is expressly incorporated within the present Iranian criminal codes and is officially being implemented. Whereas: During the past thirty three years since the establishment of the Islamic Republic regime in Iran, at least 109 rulings have been made for stoning by the Iranian judicial system. Whereas: 69 rulings for stoning were reaffirmed by the Iranian appeals courts and the Iranian supreme court. Whereas: According to the official confirmation of the Islamic Republic judiciary, 21 convicted Iranians have been executed by stoning. Whereas: At this time, 25 prisoners within the Islamic Republic jails are scheduled to be executed by stoning.   Therefore, let it be resolved: That despite our appreciation of past international efforts for saving the lives of those condemned to stoning, and in particular the valuable UN consideration of this issue in its Human Rights Commission which indeed resulted in delaying the implementation of some of the stoning sentences, the fact that such resolutions have been non binding and unenforceable, renders them inadequate for putting an end to the existing Iranian judicial codes regarding stoning. That it is necessary to form a committee comprising of representatives of countries committed to the observation of human rights and members of the Security Council, tasked with the prevention of stoning laws and their implementation in Iran, whose findings and recommendations, together with the reports of Dr. Ahmad Shahid, the special UN Rapporteur of Human Rights in Iran, would be used to adopt a binding and enforceable resolution by the United Nations Security Council. That the government of the Islamic Republic of Iran, be condemned for encouraging and facilitating by example, the implementation of the capital punishment by stoning in other countries such as Iraq, Afghanistan, Somalia and elsewhere, as a religious mandate by different groups who may or may not have been sanctioned by judicial authorities in those countries. That a fair and humane retrial of all the individuals condemned to death by stoning in Iran, be considered as their undeniable right and the United Nations Human Rights Commission accept the task of implementing all appropriate pressures on the Islamic Republic of Iran to accede to this demand. That the Islamic Regime of Iran in its entirety, including all legislators, judicial authorities, judges who have issued stoning sentences, all participants in stoning implementation, including judiciary representatives, executioners and police agents, all major and minor clergy who have directly sanctioned or legitimized stoning, whether in the seminaries in Qom or elsewhere, and who have effectively encouraged the society to engage in mass murder, violence and disregard international treaties and human rights, should be considered as criminals and be subject to legal prosecution. That all those who believe in the International Declaration of Human Rights, be encouraged to actively participate in all international campaigns against this growing phenomenon of ruthlessness and violence, noting the proven effectiveness of international public opinion in stopping the implementation of existing stoning sentences in Iran.  

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