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The North Oyster Bay Baymen Association (NOBBA) is in a battle to protect Oyster Bay Harbor in Oyster Bay New York.

The North Oyster Bay Baymen Association is requesting the Town Of Oyster Bay, NYDEC, EPA and USFW system to do a TOTAL Bay bottom study on the effects of Shellfish Dredging on Oyster Bay Harbor. The study should include: ***What shellfish dredging does to the marine environment. ***Sediment Suspension with Recreational Water Quality. ***Overall Health of the Oyster Bay Harbor .

Here are our reasons for the TOTAL Bay bottom study:

NOBBA wants to stop HYDRAULIC and VACUUM SHELLFISH DREDGING being done by Frank M. Flower & Son Oyster Company. Flowers Oyster Company has 5 Hydaulic Dredge Boats between 40 to 70 foot long and 2 Vacuum Dredge Boats that are 100 plus feet long. These boat work Oyster Bay Harbor 5 to 7 days a week in a U.S. Fish and Wildlife Refuge.

1) These Dredge Boats are basically strip mining the Oyster Bay Harbor.

2) When operating these Hydaulic and Vacuum Dredge Boats, they destroy BENTHIC layer & the organisms living in it called BENTHOS.

3) The dredges rip through the Bay bottom crushing, cutting and killing all the marine life that they go over, such as fish eggs, crabs juvenile fish and mature fish of all species that come to breed in Oyster Bay Harbor.

4) The 5 Hydaulic Dredge Boat each disperse 1500 cubic yards of suspended sediment each a day, sometimes more.

5) Flowers Vacuum Dredge Boats disperse 3000 cubic yards of sediment each, everyday they are in use. This is the Harbor we are swimming in!

(Between the 7 boats 13,500 cubic yards of sediment a DAY, 94,500 a week!!! In one week that equals 2700, 18 wheeler tractor trailer trucks of sediment!!!! 140,400 truck loads a years!!!!!)

6) This shellfish dredging is happening in a USFW REFUGE, were they should be protected by government .

If need be, put a stop to shellfish dredging or change the way they harvest their shellfish.

The petition will be submitted to:

Town Of Oyster Bay, NYDEC, EPA and USFW Refuge system

For additional information : 'CLAMWARS' &'THE BAYMENS PROJECT 2014' on Youtube.

THANK YOU for caring about Oyster Bay Harbor for signing our petition.

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