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Stop Prosecutorial Misconct in NY Courts

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Please stop DA Remy Taborga from attempting to go after my son, Rayshawn Singleton for a third time. Back on June 14,2014, my son and his friend Malik Hawkins were arrested after Officer Monteith told them to move the car to only pull them over. Rayshawn was never cited with any tickets. However, he used the ploy that he smelled marijuana so be could get inside the and search but never found any traces within the vehicle. He also stated on record that he never saw them light, smoke or discard anything while he watched them. Prosector Taborga was able to get a conviction by arousing the emotions of the court through use of various violent incidents in East Harlem. Not one of them had to do with my son or his friend. They couldn't even link them to the firearm that Officer Monteith originally said was located three layers back in the armrest which leads to the trunk in old cars inside a black plastic bag (lost during the trial process) Upon further questioning Officer Monteith attempted to give me the book bag and ID which was part of evidence collected from the backseat of the vehicle. He also knew their were other occupants Seated in the back of the vehicle. Officer Monteith did not call for back up as he stated he was on high alert. He failed to contain the larger group of boys but went after the Rayshawn and Malik using scare tactics with gang activity. He searched Rayshawn's name in the gang database and it returned NO GANG AFFILIATION. HOWEVER, that didn't stop him from going on record saying that my son was in this so called gang called AK Boys. He also gave false testimony and impeached. Perjury is a crime and was committed by Officer Monteith throughout this 2 yr long battle. Judge Cario dismissed the first indictment because Prosecutor Taborga used excessive references about violence( not one incident involved the boys). He later went on to use these same tactics during the second indictment and the juror fears took over causing them to make a decision based on fear not proof. During the second Grand Jury they used similar testimony which again was used to get the emotions going. Although Rayshawn and Malik weren't charged with gang activity , I believe the over use of acts of violence help seal their fate. Judge B Wittner allowed them to make reference of gangs after the DA was instructed NOT TO USE ANY REFERENCES TO GANGS BECAUSE THEY ARENT BEING CHARGED WITH ANY GANG CHARGES. Well that was ignored the whole trial was based on gang activity in that neighborhood. They didn't even have them connected to the firearm (NO FINGERPRINTS OR DNA) and aware that someone else plead guilty to having it before going to trial. They were all later convicted and sentenced to 5yrs State time and 5 yrs Probation ( Rayshawn had no prior convictions and DA Taborga wanted to give him 9yrs). They were tried and convicted on the actions of others. The trial was never based on the firearm it was SOLEY done with what was going on in the community. I'm afraid of the justice system and its misuse of power. They are able to lie and get away with it. After the conviction were overturned by the appeallate court, Rebecca Rosenberg wrote an article in the NY Post which further slander their names preventing them from receiving a fair trial. Please help me stop them from going after then for a third time. We need justice to be on our side this time and for things to be done the right way. Judge Wittner was biased from the beginning because of public case involving the EastSide not my SON. I will also like for this new trial to be handled by fair and truthful people. If they allowed all this to go on the last time, please tell me what's to stop them now. I NEED YOUR SUPPORT PLEASE PASS IT ON. THANK YOU

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