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Repeal Patriot Act and End TSA

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I wanted to share with you my concern about two agencies that have enjoyed massive support and funding from Congress; the expansion of NSA and TSA authorities’ post 9/11 which has produced very little tangible results unless you include the freedoms these agencies have trampled on. I don’t consider a mountain of garbage confiscated from travelers, mostly key chain pocket knives or bottles of water as a measure of the TSAs success in winning the “war on terror”. And despite the NSA’s massive expansion of appropriations to expand their power, most of their collection successes have been based on good police “scoops”; investigative “leads” shared with the NSA community in order to use a sprawling technological architecture. What is significant to note is that very few of these “leads” were obtained from internally generated or collected interdictions of home grown “plots” based on internationally obtained “chats”. What truly concerns me are that both of these agencies programs have a “chilling effect” on our freedom of movement and speech, not that I fear the State’s retaliation for my actions, but because my personal civil liberties, freedom of speech and rights of protected privacy are eroded by the Patriot Act and PL 107-71. I am thankful these excesses were exposed by our free press and made self evident to me in the law’s application within our society, and I appreciate our right to reject them through free speech; petition and civil disobedience. 112 representatives in Congress voted against the Amash Amendment and being not in agreement with this vote I rebuke them for not supporting the initiative to defund objectionable provisions of the Patriot Act that continues or expands the NSA’s authority and architecture. While there may be legal limits imposed on me by private sector technological innovators when using their devices, I still have a right to my freedom of speech and effects; freedoms the constitution’s framers envisioned for protection of speech or thought put to paper by pen, or by this generation’s use of voice over cellular phones or keystrokes on a computer. As with any bank agreement, I do not allow them to share any of my financial information with third parties and if they violate that agreement it permits me an option to sue for damages. The Congress has effectively permitted the Executive to abrogate these private agreements when they allow the Executive to shield third party service providers my right to sue them for breeches of privacy. I join this petition to restore that legal obligation by asking that our Congress strike down the executive’s agreement that shields private service providers from the public’s right to seek redress and due process for violations of privacy agreements. I support expansion of police investigative persons and technology to deny our adversaries access to, or prevent cyber attacks of, infrastructure and systems but I do not support funding or authorization for an expansion or continuance of an apparatus or surveillance or surveillance architecture that has the capacity or capability to spy on its citizens. Congress has no right to expand State authorities over individual freedoms. I therefore support the Holt, (D) NJ, initiative in the house to limit the NSAs overreach post 9/11 and I solicit your support in Congress to repeal the Patriot Act of 2001 and the FISA Amendments Act of 2008. Similarly, creation of the TSA under PL 107-71 for public safety restricts movement and freedom from searches without probable cause or warrant. The technology they employ is expensive, intrusive, and lacks my support especially for full body imagers that irradiate me and intimidate a public fearful of the adverse health effects that may arise from its use and, notwithstanding the outcome produced by the public’s right of mandamus petition under the administrative procedure act, I will continue to publicly object to, reject, and avoid full body scanners. I have traveled many international airports and prefer other countries use of technology and agents to screen luggage because they randomly search and “profile” BOLOs, they use trained SWAT guards armed with automatic weapons and bomb sniffing K-9s to visually survey and physically protect the traveling public. I consider this “international” program far less intrusive to freedoms because it employs passive and active deterrents and it demonstrates a constant reminder to the public, both physically and visually, of the hosting State’s deterrent capability. Numerous studies of TSA production and collection metrics all concluded that the vast majority of TSA screening produces a mountain of useless garbage the traveling public no doubt would not have discarded had it not been for the overreach and abuse we experience on almost every visit to the TSA inspection and scanning stations. I join this petition to repeal PL 107-71 and/or to limit or modify the TSAs expansive application of screening agents and expensive screening technologies. The screening process should not absolutely assume every traveler is a traitor or terrorist. Failing any initiative aimed at abolishing this agency, I join this petition to seek Congressional support to reset and focus the TSA on the use of random searches, reduce screening personnel, and hire more active armed patrols. I join a majority of American's who value their families safety and security but not at the expense of their liberties, freedoms, and civil rights to be free of unreasonable search and seizures, unencumbered in their right to travel, and free to chose what form of protection and freedoms should be granted to the State with respect to infringements of individual liberties and I cherish those 1st and 4th Amendment freedoms despite the “chilling effects” these laws impose on a free people by a Congress and a President, who through legislative fiat, overreacted to events in authorizing the NSA and TSA profoundly intrusive power which adversely affects our lives post 9/11 and I join this petition in order to end those abuses.

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