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Opposition to Proposed Development of Permanent Supportive Housing on Alaska Avenue - Avondale

National Church Residences (NCR) of Columbus, OH is a non-profit agency that specializes in developing housing for seniors. More recently, NCR has expanded into developing Permanent Supportive Housing (PSH) targeted to serve formerly homeless and disabled individuals.
NCR proposes development of PSH at 3584 Alaska Avenue in Avondale. This development would be a three story building consisting of 99 one bedroom furnished units of 540 square feet each.
Eligibility requirements for residents are as follows: Candidates for PSH must demonstrate any one or combination of multiple special needs that have substantially impeded his or her success in obtaining or maintaining housing including:

Severe and prolonged mental disability Developmental disabilities
Chronic substance abuse HIV/AIDS
Long-term health disorders Other medical or physical disabilities

The facility will have on-site support provided by Greater Cincinnati Behavioral Health Services. However, participation by residents is not required.

Residents of Alaska Avenue and Forest Park Drive oppose this development for the following reasons:
We do not believe it supports the vision of driving revitalization of our community through home ownership. This development would permanently change the character of this residential neighborhood adding yet another low-income complex to a community already saturated with low-income housing.

This location does not provide the basic needs of target occupants as published in NCR’s promotional material of being conveniently located within walking distance of shopping, banking, transportation and employment.

NCR has not employed its own documented “best practices” of community outreach and engaging residents directly impacted by their development. Alaska Avenue and Forest Park residents learned of this proposed development, by chance, one week prior to the project being voted on in Cincinnati City Council. This vote was to secure support for NCR’s application to Ohio Housing Finance Agency (OHFA) for low income tax credits. (The resolution passed by a vote of 7 to 2. Council Members Christopher Smitherman and Cecil Thomas opposed).

We, the residents of Alaska Avenue and Forest Park Drive ask for your support in opposing this development.

Comments of opposition can be sent to:

Mr. Douglas Garver-Executive Director
Ohio Housing Finance Agency
57 E. Main Street
Columbus, OH 43215
Visit our blog at:

Mr. Douglas Garver – Executive DirectorOhio House Financing Agency57 E. Main StreetColumbus, OH 43215


Mr. Garver:

I am writing to express my support of the residents of Alaska Avenue and Forest Park Drive in Cincinnati, OH in their opposition to a proposed development of Permanent Supportive Housing at 3584 Alaska Avenue by National Church Residences (NCR), Columbus, OH.  

I ask that the OHFA Board not approve NCR’s application for low income housing tax credits for this project.


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